LG V10/V20 64GB (VZN/GSM)(S&D)

Does anyone know if this will work with Republic Wireless?

Does it work with T-Mobile

Is this an other LG bootloader issue phone ?
I remember when LG made phone pople wanted

Device Frequencies LG V10 VS990 (Verizon USA) Carrier Frequencies United States of America Republic Wireless
2G Network:yes

3G Network:yes

4G LTE Network:no

Device not compatible

The V20 does not from everything I’ve read. I have a V10 right now, after 28 months (just shy of the 30mo warranty) mine ended up bootlooping, I mailed it in and 9 days later had my phone back and fixed. That said, I’ve read the V20 is a rather superior phone while still having replaceable battery, etc. So I’m really thinking of jumping on this. $180 still seems a bit high for a refurb though.

This phone came out 19 months ago. The phone cost up to $800 when purchased through a carrier. It is reported that it is going to get Oreo. The V20 seems like a much better deal to me than the V10.

You are far smarter than me about this stuff, can you tell me if the V20 would work on Total Wireless?

Does the V20 work on T-Mobile LTE?

For anyone wondering if this phone will work on their network, check out this site: https://willmyphonework.net/

I’m still rockin my V20 and it works great on T-mobile 4g lte… The swappable battery, wide angle lens, and sound quality are amazing.

The V20 is not listed on that site :frowning:

+1 I love my V20. The swappable battery and IR blaster keep me from upgrading. There’s nothing that beats it.

Does this work with Sprint?

+2 When the Samsung Note fiasco happened, I went with the V20. Don’t miss Samsung at all. The only drawback is that this thing can drain a battery pretty quickly if you are a game player on your phone. Also it uses USB-C and 3 Amps to quick charge. So get ready to update any Android cords and bricks you have for this phone. Other than that I love it.

[list=1][]Stop being lazy by asking “Will this work with my network” and click the link PROVIDED BY WOOT! to do just that! If you are too lazy to click the link, you really don’t need a smart phone.
]I do not see anywhere if the battery is new. Would Woot! staff confirm the battery status?
[*]It looks like V10 will be eligible for Oreo but I believe that is entirely dependent upon the carrier. Since this is a Verizon phone and I want to put it on ATT, it likely will not upgrade. I hope I am wrong though.[/list]

Batteries are properly tested in each phone before being put up for sale. If the battery did not meet our high standards, it was replaced.

My wife currently has ZTE Blade Z Max. She is wanting a better camera on her phone. By specs, this is better all around. But i’m wondering with photo/video in mind, what is the hardware that makes a difference with speed of pictures? would this be the processor or chip set? what stat should i be looking for the ability to take somewhat fast pictures? Thanks!

I agree that people should do a little work before asking questions, and i did the research to find out if it would work with MetroPCS (TMobile)(from what i read, it does). But when looking on that site, the V20 is not listed. not sure why.

Same here, I specifically asked about the V20 bcuz of that very reason