LG V20 5.7" 64GB Verizon Unlocked Smartphone

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LG V20 5.7" 64GB Verizon Unlocked Smartphone
Price: $279.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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I have this phone. Got it new from Verizon for twice the price. I love it. The camera app is awesome for people who want to twiddle with manual mode. It has all the controls you’d expect on a DSLR. Battery life is pretty good too. I’ve had mine since October and I can still get through most days on a single charge.

I had this phone when it was released. very neat… except the signal quality of radio and gps was very bad. Would not recommend.

Damn. I paid full price for this less than 6 months ago. At $279, this is a steal.

Wonder if this will be eligible for Android O? Motorola is plagued with lazy mediocre support and has promised Nougat months ago but won’t deliver. Time to look for a different phone.

I purchased this phone on Black Friday and I absolutely love it. Decent battery life and great display. As another commenter posted, camera is awesome. I was able to take some amazing nighttime star shots with it.

Considering the V20 was the first non Google device to have Nougat, and the V10 got Nougat recently, yes this will get O.

Not sure why all these devices have to be Verizon, that worries me on the update side.

Decent phone, but be aware there are pretty much no updates or support. The second screen only works on stock ROMs, meaning no flashing unless you don’t need things like notifications. What you get is what you’ll always have, bugs and all.

RUN AWAY! I bought this phone refurbished last year despite all the bad press about bricking. Lasted about 8 months and now totally useless. LG was no help at all (maybe different if bought new but these are refurbs).

What is the warranty on this? LG, or Verizon? 1-year, or the default Woot 90-day?

This comes with a 90-day Woot Limited Warranty. You can find the warranty information for all of our products in the Features section.

I got one of these when it first came out and am still using it. I have never had any problems with the GPS, but the LTE reception isn’t the best. Luckily the signal is very strong where I usually am so I genreally don’t have any problems. I really like this phone and will likley get the V30 when it comes out in September.

The three major unique features on this phone are a good quad-DAC sound output (it is louder and clearer than most phones using headphones and can handle some fairly high impedence cans), Dual cameras (normal and wide angle paired with very good camera software), and a second tiny screen above the first one (shows notifications, app status, or quick access buttons).

For those wondering, it does have a removeable battery and does take micro SD cards. Comes with Android N.

I’ve had both the G3 and the G4 and both bricked after less than a year without warning. I’ve heard the V20 has the same issue.

After the nightmare I had with those and my LG washing machine, I’ll never buy another product from them.

I bought this phone used on ebay in Feb 2017. I LOVE it!!! So much better than Samsung Note 4. Works great have not had any issues. Great battery life, strong signals awesome OS and I just got a system update from Verizon. I am done with overpriced samsung. The battery is removable which I like and the camera is great. The on/off is in the back so no more accidental hang ups while holding the phone. My only complaint is I wish the fingerprint reader was on the front. Other than that this is an awesome phone!

Great phone. I bought one in February, and have since picked up two more.

The camera is amazing (actually two cameras, standard and wide angle). Full manual controls, adjust exposure, white balance, ISO, and more.

Performance is good. Design is nice. Less bloatware than Samsung. Find a lot less quirkiness than Samsung as well.

For this price, you really can’t go wrong. I would say my V20 is the phone I have been happiest with. (That includes iPhones, & Samsung Note2/S5)

does anyone know if this handset will work with a Tracfone CDMA micro SD card using Verizon?

We have this phone, works great, absolutely super pics! As far as bricking, the phone did die, BUT took it to Verizon, they looked at it, took the battery out, and put back in, worked great after that, they said it needs the battery to be taken out to reset it every once in a while, So…

Excellent complete review here. So tempted, but just got a refurb S5 for $150 so it is difficult to justify the expense…