LG V40 ThinQ (Unlocked)(S&D) (Open Box)

LG V40 ThinQ (Unlocked)(S&D) (Open Box)

Which version; V405QA7 (USA Unlocked); V405UA (Sprint, AT&T, Verizon); V405TAB (T-Mobile); V405UA0 (U.S. Cellular) of the V40 ThinQ is this item?

This is fully unlocked and will work with the carriers on this list:https://d3gqasl9vmjfd8.cloudfront.net/87f302ff-ef2b-4115-9445-4586ab21e945.pdf

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LG phones from this era serve as a terrific piece of audio equipment, even if you don’t use the SIM card. If you’re into high-end audio gear, just going to eliminate the need to buy a portable Bluetooth adapter like the fiio BTR5 ($99) or spend several hundred on a Dac amp. Or any dap.

With Amazon and Apple music now introducing lossless audio, It is so nice to be able to just plug in a pair of headphones without any dongles. Even ones with up to 600 ohms.