LG Wing 5G (GSM Only) 6.8" 256GB

LG Wing 5G (GSM Only) 6.8" 256GB

Aaaannndd, once again we have no idea how long Google will supply updates.

LG is a big factor when it comes to updates.

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Does that mean LG provides updates? I wanted to get this phone when it was a daily deal but didn’t get back to it in time.

I bought this exact phone when it was first released. This is a MAJOR deal…I payed $1100 for mine. So far my only issue with i5 is u cant find many cases for it. It its a monster of a phone. Its definitely like carrying two phones. But honestly it runs superb I would say just as good as any flagship phone released. And it stays Turning Heads no matter where I am I pull that phone out somebody turns their head and wants to know about it. I would never tell someone to spend their last dollar on anything but if you got the money for this you better jump on it


Agree. I bought one used off of eBay a few months back for 500ish. I love it there’s no notch and it’s so unique. has a nifty desktop mode, too.

In hindsight I probably should have waited a few months