LHC Cafe



Science strikes again for the win.


Unfortunately, there’s a small chance your order will be sucked into a black hole before it reaches your table.

No Refunds.


Not to poop on anyone’s parade, but the LHC straddles the border of France ans Switzerland.

This seems like a very “USA!” design with the color scheme and seems out of place somehow.

Good design though, and I’m still tempted because I am a huge nerd…


Perhaps you didn’t notice, but France’s flag is red, white and blue. And Switzerland’s is red and white.


In for two. My kid brother got to work at CERN this summer.

It was pretty awesome getting his call at 4am July 4 to tell me about the Higgs Boson. Got the meet Peter Higgs as well.

I can’t help but try to grab every awesome shirt to commemorate it.


Gotta say…this doesn’t really strike me as very imaginative. Seems like something someone would wear because they’d heard of the LHC but know nothing about it. No tagline, not a reference to anything else (so not a mashup). Could be a cafepress shirt with a blank above “Cafe.”



If you’ve seen anything about the LHC you’ll know there are over 400 scientists there at any given time. Lots of simulations and massive number crunching going on. A great many nations are represented including the USA. And yeah, they have a giant cafeteria where a Higgs Boson burger is most certainly served in one form or another. :smiley:


I barely knew her…


I agree with this, pretty much. Unless there’s something I’m missing, there’s no connection being drawn here whatsoever, not even in the sense that “you’ve combined two things that are so different that it’s funny.” And I find that kind of humor hilarious.


I think the joke may be in the smaller text - “Home of the Higgs Boson Burger” which sort of sounds like “Big Bison Burger” like from an Ox - but it’s not that clear… or that funny.

The design is “Americana”-ish but so are Burger Joints, last I checked. So I don’t see a problem there, really.

That said - I’ve never made a t-shirt design for Woot - much less gotten one published, so who am I to judge?


All food served at the LHC Cafe is high-energy, of course. bada bing!

Congratulations on your second Derby win in three weeks and third Derby print in a month, fishbiscuit! I think you’ve found your niche: ultrageeky humor. :slight_smile:


Sorry i’m a little late, Having a great time in Seattle :3 night everyone


I’m sure I’m pointing out the obvious, but the challenge was “double take” and LARGE HADRON definitely warrants that. Like this road sign.


Should be called the “Higgs Bison Burger”.


I’m sorry - I don’t follow. What could you possibly mistake “Large Hadron Collider” for? A Small Hadron Collider? that’s just silly.


Perhaps another slogan could be, “Food so delicious, you just might end up eating everything in site!”


You keep my small hadron out of this.


LHC Cafe -
“Food so good, you’ll call it divine”

“We might not create a black hole, but our generous servings could fill one!”

“Our cooks create something from scratch everyday - literally from scratch” (that’s a Carl Sagan reference)

“Eat like the universe is about to end - because it could.”


“We’re not sure if the god particle exists or not, but if it does, our desserts are full of them!”

“It is theorized that there are an infinite number of universes, wherein every possible (and even impossible) situation exists - so there are universes where this is your absolute favorite restaurant ever. There are universes where you eat here everyday - in fact, you are eating here right now! Let’s see if this universe is one of those.”