L'Homme à L'Intérieur du Chat

I’m lost these past few shirts

i’m scared

Neat picture. Might be in for one.

I don’t get it. Who’s the guy?

Rather interesting idea, but not for me… I’ll save my $10 for beer

so what did this cat eat?

scariest cat I’ve ever seen.

This shirt is to odd to even try to figure out.

It’s alright. Someone will be along shortly to tell us how artful it is and how only uncultured wastes don’t see the genius in this shirt.

I find that design genuinely disturbing.

ya, i’m not quite getting it. can someone help me out here?

Wow thats an ugly shirt!

“The man inside of the cat”

I’ll pass. Like the image, don’t like the placement at all.

this is a very artful shirt

What an ugly shirt, so scary and disgusting!!!

I kinda like it…reminds me of FF:X-2. But the guy is a bit weird. I think I’m gonna pass.

I heard Friskies was adding “Small Nerdy Man” to its fresh canned brunch lineup.

I’m a fan of Cats.
Not a FAN of this shirt.
One try left this week tomorrow . . .

WOW! so artistic… so courageous this makes a huge statement, HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE IT?!

i really don’t get it. :frowning: