Liam Blackout Rod Pocket Panel

“One” curtain panel means exactly what? When I look at the pictures if I want a left and right curtain is that “one” curtain panel or two?

I would assume it’s one since there’s a limit of 3. I have to use these on two windows which I assume is 2 curtain panels but is actually 4 pieces. Is this correct?

We are selling these as individual panels (one curtain per order) but I am reaching out to the vendor team to see if we can get the purchase limit increased to an even number.

I would like to add that I purchased several of these in various colors and none of them are true “blackout”. At the very most they help with blocking about 60-70% of the sun, but you can see plenty of light through the curtains. We were disappointed in that they are not really blackout, but they still look nice fort he price.