Liberty 100ft Retractable Garden Hose Reel

Liberty 100ft Retractable Garden Hose Reel

90 day warranty makes this a hard pass. :disappointed_relieved:

I purchased this 100ft and 2 65 foot ones last two woots they had on this around 3-4 months ago or?? And I love these !! All 3 are :+1: great
Easy to install and take off when cold weather comes.
I use at lease the 100 ft version every day.
Great product

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Out of curiosity, how hefty is the 100’ model? Does it weigh a ton? Question related to how/where I might hang it on my home.

According to specs on Amazon it weighs 25.3 lbs

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I have the Frontgate version, seems similar. I broke two by allowing them to freeze, even after draining before winter. There is a unique plastic connector right in the center that seems impossible to drain and fractures during a freeze. How do I know? I took both apart, hoping that the split was in the hose and repairable. Now I bring it in ‘early’, so no chance of a freeze - but that also means no hose for a month or more when it might freeze at night, but a hose would be useful during the day.

Pass. These use water flow to slowly wind in the hose, meaning the hose never drains. And it wastes water. They’re OK if you use it frequently and it never freezes. I prefer a hand cranked hose reel which allows the hose to drain. They last much longer because there’s little to go bad.

This is true of pretty much all hose reels. You MUST blow them out with compressed air if you plan to leave them out in the winter. I have a reminder set in early October to do this with “Or You’ll Be Sorry!” in the title because I have never once gotten away with letting it freeze without blowing it out.

In fact, the only reason I’m replacing my 20-year-old Suncast reel is because I finally ran out of replacement elbows (hard freeze came early last fall).

…because 90 days isn’t long enough or because it’s end of season and 90 days brings us into November?

I’m wondering if they are large enough diameter to flow to top off a pool. The one I have is so small it takes hours. I switch to my normal hose and it’s half as long easy.

Specs and descrip says a 1/2" hose so I doubt it’s high flow.

Pass. These use water flow to slowly wind in the hose

You might try reading rather than assuming: “A short pull on the hose releases the lock and the hose is drawn into the box! The integrated steel spring provides even, powerful retraction.”. Or watch the video.

This is also designed to be removed and be brought in during the winter with a pull of the hinge pin.

Good price. I wonder how this compares to Hoselink