Liberty Retractable Garden Hose Reel

Liberty Retractable Garden Hose Reel

Amazon has a similar one, the RL Flomaster 65HR8 for $86.56


So. … which model am I buying? There are 2 in the description but no place to choose which we want.

Stanley version of this at Sam’s Club $75 all day. Not a deal.

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HOAs across America are rejoicing. Now unsightly loose coils of hose can be banned.


We’re selling the 65’ version today. It’s hiding under the price.

Can the hose be replaced if it breaks?

This question is key, since if hose cracks, and not replaceable, then is whole item junk.

As for the HOA issue, it’s simple. For me, I’d attatch it in my garage, right next to my sink so rather it’s winter or summer, I’d be able to use it and get hot/warm/cold water… But not for $100.00. I’ll keep using my “expand a hose” that cost me 20 bucks for 2 at Ollie’s.

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You gave Ollie too much of your time. Just like me and this thread…

I purchased the 100’ one a short while ago when it was available. It’s more expensive than a typical hose, yes, but I specifically got this to mount to the brick facade of my house, to blend in with the color and be able to easily access 3 sides of my house with a quick way to get the long hose away and keep it well hidden. My wife loves the appearance and functionality. The hose is extremely sturdy and retraction mechanism is as good as, if not better than, my ceiling mounted retractable air hose on the garage. Really happy with my purchase and I feel the value as I use it every day to water the garden on the side of the house, among other things. 3 of my 4 kids use it no problem as well, whereas the old traditional hose they had some problems winding, etc. That in itself is worth it.

I purchased the 100 ft version last time.
I just purchased 2 of these for the side and front of house.
I love the 100 ft one, I had 2 great water hose winders years ago and gave them away.
Now I need something that folds to the house. I was very skeptical with the 100 foot version, when I installed it was chilly out and hose was a little stiff , but it worked, now that it’s warm out the 100 ft works great and I love how it winds and works. I can’t wait to install the 65 ft ones to the other sides of the house. I just hope they last and if warranty is needed the manufacturer handles it very well, time will tell.

Trust me…do not run hot water through a garden hose that is not specifically labeled for “hot water”. 120deg hot water at pressure in a standard garden hose splits within minutes.

In for one.
Bought a similar reel last year and was disappointed by the retreival, as I would release and expected the hose to reel up on it’s own. These are basically a power wind that retracts the hose as you walk towards the spigot, so the reel isn’t powerful enough to drag the whole hose, but if you’re walking it back it really works well.
Bought this item for the back of my house, be glad to get rid of my hand-crank knuckle buster reel.