Liberty - Some Supervision Required V-Neck Tee

Another one I would buy.

…except, I don’t like V-necks, and still not a huge fan of LOTR.

So you would buy it, but only if it was an entirely different shirt. Got it.

I know it’s a LOTR shirt, but it also makes me think of the ending to MIB2…don’t ask, sometimes my mind is crazy.


This falls under the “wouldn’t buy, but wouldn’t be mad if I got as a random” category for me.

I’m still looking for something to buy…

Same here! I would wear it, if it was a random.

I don’t know how Woot is with posting competitor sites, but I found another site selling $12 t-shirts, today. If you want it, message me on Facebook.

Damn… I missed this… missed out on buying my own shirt. lol. well, thanks for selling it again woot… and if I could slip in a late order for one be sure to let me know. :wink: