Liberty - Some Supervision Required

I demand a recount.

If you buy it you will be audited.

disturbing ; )

Tapping our phones was only the beginning…

One does not simply hide from the NSA.

I see what you did there…

Looks familiar…

Wow… thanks for all the votes and support on this one! I have a collection now. Time for a side sale!!!

Tjost, yeah, never saw that before… saw a washington monument picture with the eye… didn’t see that one.

I really like the off-center design. It somehow makes the entire picture more ominous and creepy. #LOTRinAmerica

Well, let’s be honest, no doubt lots of people have had this idea.

It’s the execution that counts.

Definitely want this… but I’m waiting for my other shirt to come in, to see how it fits. ;/

Bah! What to do?!

Edit: Crap… just checked the status on my last purchase and it hasn’t even shipped yet. Guess I’ll just take my chances.

Excellent design!

In Soviet Russia, Government watches You!

oh, and here too.

Is this off-center? It says it’s centered in Features section but doesn’t look it in the graphic.

This is a brilliant shirt. I’d buy two if I had two torsos.

It is off center… and thanks!

Gosh, the NSA is everywhere now.

Instant buy. Then I told my girlfriend, who thinks I have a t-shirt buying problem.

Then she saw the design and wants one of her own! :stuck_out_tongue: Nice job, sir!

slow clap

“The Price of Liberty is Eternal Vigilance.”

Interesting shirt.