Libratone Q Adapt ANC BT On-Ear Headphones

Libratone Q Adapt ANC BT Over-Ear Headphones

These are on ear, not over ear, unless the pictures are incorrect.

You’re right! It’s been fixed. It’s On Ear Headphones. Thank you!

The description says 90 day Libratone warranty but when the link is clicked it leads to a Libratone one year warranty paper. So is the warranty one year or 90 days?

Hmmmm. Good question. I’ll send a note to the electronics team. I may not hear back until Monday though.

Any clarification yet on the warranty period?

Huh, no. I haven’t heard back. Let me ping again.

The warranty is 90-day. The linked warranty was for new. We’re linking to a different page now.