License and Registration

The roller coaster in the back is my favorite part.

Did he get pulled over for a hit and run?

oh the irony!

I’d say multiple hit and runs.

Looks like he wasn’t quite able to get up to 1.21 Jiggawatts…

you know why I pulled you over son? You were doing donuts right in front of me & never offered me one. Now lets get out of here & find some big coffee cups to go with those donuts.

Oh yeah! You know the policeman is gonna wear sunglasses in the dead of night. This is your best printed design Walmazan, for sure!

Much like a real police officer, he’s wasting time with speeders and ignoring the real problems…which in this case appears to be a person falling out of the roller coaster in the background… HELP!!!

So happy to see this take first! Congrats, Walmazan!

I totally want to wear this shirt to my Whirlyball league.

Always glad to see a Walmazan new classic…I can almost smell the salt air as I visualize myself on a boardwalk, in a bumper car, glad the cop pulled my little brother over…

Not to tell the officer how to do his job, but personally I feel like he should be focusing on the kid who is falling out of the roller coaster car in the background.

It looks like the Officer got his mustache from the collar of his coat. Or visa versa.

This is my first Walmazan shirt and I shall wear it proudly!

I saw a movie similar to this on Skinemax late last night, only the driver was a girl, the cop was younger, and the car had a back seat.

I hope that cop is giving all the other riders tickets too since it’d be unsafe to walk in the bumper car area while the ride is going!

The officer reminds me of Wilfred Brimley.

You must have at least $50,000 worth of liability insurance to go on this ride…

Reminds me of this guy…

Well done WA. In for two.

Why the 716? just a random number?

That may have been asked in the derby thread too, but can’t remember.