License Plate Frame Rear View Backup Camera

On Amazon for $29.99 right now, eligible for Prime. 4.1/5.0 on five reviews.

Doesn’t appear to have a monitor

No, you’d run the yellow video cable up to your fancy recent-model receiver/stereo/DVD player unit and it handles the rest.

No monitor huh?

Too bad you can’t hook it to your smartphone

This is probably illegal in Texas. Not because backup cameras are illegal in Texas, but because it probably blocks the State name on the license plate.

Several years ago, it was not uncommon for car dealerships to put license plate holders with the dealer name and contact info in such large text that only the license plate number was visible. Then the various universities, both in-state and out, started doing the same thing. So now it’s illegal to block the state name on a license plate.

I don’t get it. Why not make this Bluetooth or wireless and have a smartphone app for it? Wiring looks way to complicated. Wait for the wireless option…

oops, now up to $49

Exactly my thoughts. I know of at least one model that is using BT to connect, but only to a specific head unit installed in the vehicle. But it’s only a matter of time, not to mention almost every new car has a camera and screen built in.

If you look at the license plate holes on a Texas license plate and how this frame is mounted, this device does not appear to block the state name. The mounting holes are above the state name and the frame is almost flush with the mounting holes.

Why in the world would you offer a camera system that doesn’t include a monitor? Yeah, there’s nothing in the original offering that says it has a monitor, but it would be good advertising practice to make sure the buyer knows what ISN’T included. I feel like an idiot for not noticing it before I placed my order.

I wish I saw this in time.
Why is Woot shipping always so horrible???

Nothing in the original offering that says “system” either.
It’s a CAMERA…