Lido Bay Sampler (3)

Lido Bay Sampler 3-Pack
$62.99 (Normally $91.00) 31% off List Price
2008 B****itch Tongue Tempranillo
2009 Mercenary Zinfandel
2009 Mutiny 8888 Red Blend
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How did I get the first sucker? Thats a first…

Wow these things look incredibly hot. The kitchen sink red seems pretty scary with that high alcohol and being such a diverse blend. I’d love for a rat or faux rat to speak about these.

Hmmm signed up to rat this one… May the woot gods bestow free wine upon me.

The bottles are gorgeous! Anyone know anything about the wine?

I’m imagining these at a dinner with friends. “What do you want?” “B*tch Tongue.”

Rofl! That would definitely liven things up, especially for anyone who happens to overhear that exchange, but hasn’t yet checked out the bottles.

I really do like the sound of this sampler, but I really don’t like my lack of storage. Not that that ever really stops me, it seems. Really. :slight_smile:

I may have ordered this solely based on the fact that I wanted pirate wines in my winefridge…

Once again I’m tempted to order just because I love the labels (sort of like Woot’s F Bomb, which turned out to be delicious); but it seems a little too much like betting a bundle on a race horse because you love the name. Waiting for a few more comments before spending $20+ for pretty bottles.

Looks like the 2009 Mercenary Zinfandel won a SILVER medal at the Central Coast Wine Competition last month. Press Release

And the Bi****tch Tongue 2008 Tempranillo won Bronze at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition.Press Release

Looks like the tempranillo comes from the same area as the Twisted Oak wines, which I recently became a member of… might be worth purchasing just to do a tasting comparison!

I had this wine recently… Let me dig up my notes:

Lido Bay 2009 “Bi****tch Tongue”

Quite a name. Great label and a solid and hefty bottle.

Popped and poured at cool room temp. Noted initially, notes hold over 3 hours.

Color: rosy, slightly purplish red. Relatively lightly concentrated color reminiscent of a Grenache. Crystal clarity. I would guess that this wine was fined.

Nose: candied red cherry. Initially smelled hot ( alcohol) but that burned off after the first hour. There is a hint of vanilla but none of the earthiness that I expect from a tempranillo.

Palate: bright cherry koolaid… There is a hint of the earth I was looking for but just a hint. Not much complexity here. Little to no tannin. Medium to medium light body. A bit of creaminess on the finish.

Overall assessment: I am a big fan of tempranillos. I like them for the concentrated dark fruit favors backed by an earthiness and often a healthy bit of acid. This did not seem varietaly correct to me and I would have guessed it as a Grenache. It was not dark, not earthy, and just not my thing.

I can’t recommend this at $21/ bottle. I had another tempranillo recently for $12 a bottle that beat this hands down.

Sorry guys!

Don’t apologies. That bit about little to no tannins made this a good choice for me.

For 3 bottles and 21 dollars + shipping, i’m not really feeling this “deal”.

Welcome aboard fellow Wooters! Bob Balentine here AKA the Grape Impaler winemaker at Lido Bay Winery. Just wanted to reach out and answer any questions from my fellow scalaywags…Dare to step aboard??? BTW…these wines all recently took the GOLD medal at the Orange County International Wine Competetion…

Opened a bottle of the mutiny, it’s a really cool bottle and label. Generally hate dealing with wax but was easy to cut off.

Pop and pour, not much nose, a little alcohol. Bright red cherry predominant for me, a little spice, even a little chocolate comes and goes. The finish, I could have guessed there was PS even before checking the blend. Tongue sucking tannins, just unexpected with the feel of the rest of the wine. Mellowed out after a bit and the alcohol blew off a little. Think this might have gone better with food. Give it some time after opening. It’s interesting.

WD & TT…Yeah, I know this is not the place for it, but why don’t you bring back the number of woots on each wine sold…This BS with Order Pace (rank) and Woots Sold (rank) is TOTAL NONSENSE. Doesn’t tell me sh-t. Probably another reason to go elsewhere to buy my wine, which I really don’t want to do…too many changes!!!..and now back to the regularly scheduled program. I know…my comment probably ranks in the bottom 33%.

Winemaker Bob,

What about your winemaking or the base grapes make this Tempranillo more of a light and fruity wine rather than a dark earthy one?

It seems that with the addition of the Grenache and Mourvedre (20%) the color is slightly lighter and we get more of the lighter berry notes (fruit) from these additions…I really enjoy this style especially during this HOT summer. It pairs well with a wide range of food…Right now its sipping nice on the patio in Paso Robles…94 today and grilling some pork chops later with grilled peaches…

Can’t go wrong with a sampler. Something for everyone. Hopefully, it gets here soon. Need to celebrate my upcoming vacation with no emergency calls.