Life AsRX W.O.D. Gear

So, what are the slogans on these shirts supposed to be about? Did I miss out on a meme or something?

If you had a “I LOVE LIFT CRAP YAY” shirt, I would have bought. These other ones pretty much suck.

I don’t understand these shirts. Must be a niche culture I’m not a part of…

Now, if they said “Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge” I’d be in for one.

It’s all crossfit lingo, so niche culture indeed.

Sweet, WOD wear! I’m stoked! Wish there was more selection, woot! bring them back again soon!

because if your crossfit friends weren’t telling you about their workouts enough already, now they can wear a shirt to remind you!

So I’ve decided that crossfit is pretty much the exact opposite of Fight Club in that the first rule of crossfit is never shut the f*** about crossfit.