Life Fitness Dual Watch and Heart Rate Monitor



First comment of the new year WOOT!


For those new years resolution makers, huh?


Funny! New Year’s Resolution…I get it!


As I remember there was a Bag of Crap up last year for New Years. Am I dreaming?


Happy New Year WooT!


Awwww… Was hoping for a new years bag of crap!!


Ah, clever Woot! You lulled into thinking the B.O.C. was coming to open the new year as you have in years past but instead remind us all that we are fat and will be breaking our resolutions to get in shape in less than a week. Well played Woot, well played.



(_/) (_(
(=’.’=) (=’ :’)
(") (,(’)(’)

Oh well. Happy New Year anyway!


I’m a bit confused. The mid-size says nothing about being for men and women (and the box is purple-y), but woot seems to be alluding to the fact that the full size (which does say it’s uni-sex) is just for fatsos. I’m a non-fat male. Wut do?

Edit: Also disappointed that it doesn’t mention taking in height/weight info and keeping track of calories burnt. Great price though.


Wait, so there was no woot off for December? or was in some serious food and candy coma all month long?


Why are so many of you thinking there would be some sort of random bag tonight? They just had one for Christmas. I don’t think I remember them ever doing it on new years day.


Happy New Year…almost. Well, it is in New York already, watching Bill Hemmer and Megyn Kelly.

I guess I need this watch, since I am sitting here, eating from a big Bag of Chocolate Chip cookies (homemade!)…maybe it will tell me how many more I can eat before the heart attack?!



It should be noted that this IS a good price, as they are $39-45 on Amazon.


I wasn’t invited?! I would have brought Cookies! Be safe and have some fun for me!




Hoping for a bag of ____. Happy New Year, anyway!


Oh…I’m Sorry! I forgot everyone here is probably DRUNK!

Jeesh…ever hear of Google?!

There…my first good deed in 2K11

Now, back to The Gin Blossoms and Rick Springfield for New Year’s!!! Rock On!


So this looks good and everything, but will it whip me up a nice post-workout smoothie? That would be awesome.


Do these work on vampires?