Life + Gear 300 Lumen Flashlight 2-Pack

**Item: **Life + Gear 300 Lumen Flashlight 2-Pack
Price: $19.99
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Meh, get one of these for $3.55 +free ship instead.

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Those lights aren’t anywhere near 300 lumens with a regular AA battery. You have to buy a 14500 lithium battery and you’ll get MAYBE 200 lumens out of it. I have two of them.

Well, I do like Life+Gear’s stuff. Their lights and whatnot are in the rare ‘cheap but very good’ catagory.

Much like the chinese food place three blocks from my house.

I HATE flashights that FORCE YOU to go through the flashing mode to turn them off. PLEASE STOP MAKING FLASHLIGHTS THIS WAY. I swear, someone must have invented ONE IC that does this and tons of flashlight manufacturers think it’s cool. THEY ARE COMPLETELY WRONG.

Two-fer Tuesday – yes!

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LOL my brother just showed me his new flashlights from Costco that do the same thing. I was like, when is the strobe mode ever going to be useful?

Or go to Target, where they have similar — albeit lower quality, I’m sure — flashlights in the dollar section this month. I bought a ton of them for stocking stuffers. They’re surprisingly good!

300 lumens from a flashlight of this size is very bright. Add in the aluminum construction and the water resistance and you have a darn good item for ten bucks each. Obvious use for these would be to keep in the car for emergencies at night. Anyone who has had to walk down the shoulder of a road at night will appreciate the strobe feature. Drivers will ignore a regular light and run you down like a dog, but a flashing light they notice. Must be the association of flashing lights and police.

Just purchased 2. I have purchased a TON of these types of flash lights and keep one in my tac pocket on my BDUs as a backup. I also gave one to all of my squad I work with. They all love them. These are nice lights, BUT, they do not have momentary on, so if you dropped it on, it will stay on vs. a real tac light usually has a setting where you can press lightly to turn on and when you drop it (if) it will turn off. In any case, the light SteveDS is posting from Amazon is a solid deal and as it ends up one of the best prices I’ve seen on that model.

Not at all the same. I own a couple of those lights, and they are very fine, very bright lights. But they are not waterproof or water resistant no matter what the ad copy says. A great buy to be sure, but completely different, and, as I said, not water resistant.

Right you are! Lithium ion 14500 battery, plus a LiIon capable charger. With a 14500 cell, I think mine are easily 200 lumens+.

BTW, I seriously, seriously doubt that the LifeGear light on sale here tonight puts out anywhere close to 300 lumens either.

Strobe is a great function, blasting an intruder with the strobe function in the middle of the night can buy you some time. Me, I love the function, and a little strobe capable light like this resides next to my firearms. That 4 dollar light listed does not strobe.

You gotta get the military flashlights. They don’t strobe, its either on or you half press the button for 1 single short burst

Way over priced. I sell complete flashlight kits with 2 batteries (18650), SINGLE mode XM-L T6 Cree LED, and charger for $35. I would consider these at half this price with free shipping. And most flashlights are overrated on their lumen output.

Anyone know if these are capable of being used as diving flashlights? I’ve been looking for a couple backups the past week.

No, an IPX4 rating is basically splash resistant. The testing is " at least 5 minutes at water pressure of 80–100 kN/m^2. Basically, this can handle being rained on, but if you drop it in a stream or overboard, there’s a good chance your gear won’t be working for a while, if ever."