Life + Gear 300 Lumen Flashlight 2-Pack

Life + Gear 300 Lumen Flashlight 2-Pack
Price: $14.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard* or $9 Two-Day or *$12 One-Day
Condition: New

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Life + Gear 300 Lumen Flashlight 2-Pack
Price: $14.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New


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Can you fit a 18650 in this?

I know alot of 3AAA flashlights you can, but some don’t as well.

I’d rather use lithium 18650’s than AAA’s.

I had never heard of 18650’s, but AAAs are available in lithium.

Its a fairly commonly used lithium rechargable battery used in led flashlights, laptop battery packs, and many other uses.

Scroll down to round lithium ion rechargeable.

I’m surprised you have never heard of them, they are fairly commonly used.

And the lithium AAA’s are not rechargeable (aaa/aa size lithium iron disulfide, or LiFES2 batteries). Which are really quite expensive compared to rechargeable lithium ION cells, lithium polymer cells, and all the other chemical soup lithium rechargeable batteries they have been coming out with in the last decade or so.

Worst comes to worst, i’ll just buy an appropriate sized lipo pack, and put a low voltage disconnect chip on it to protect the cells from overdischarge.

18650’s are a lot more convenient though, as they are usually the ones that fit in 3aaa flashlights without any mods needed.

I bought 6 of these during a woot off week before last. I work as maintenance and sold 4 of them in one day for $12 each to coworkers. Everyone is impressed with the brightness and so far I’m impressed with battery life.

For reference it is visibly well over 3 times brighter than

Bought these last time. Neither one worked properly right out of the box. Without going into details, I contacted Woot customer service about this over a week ago and still have not heard back. I’ve halted woot purchases until this is resolved.

Good Luck.

Then your purchases will be halted for a while, I’ll wager. They have gone from spotty to non-existent customer service now. Just get used to it.

My habits are now permanently modified - if I think something they sell might need warrantee or return efforts, I simply look elsewhere.

In fact, in most situations I just look elsewhere.

It’s sad, as I’ve been a huge supporter over so many woots and years, and the customer support is killing all the good will.

The 18650 would be too long. I just measured mine received last week. The housing inner diameter is 22mm and the battery holder is 54mm long, shorter than the 65.2mm length of the 18650. The 18500 might work being 49.8mm in length, but it would be loose in the housing and I’m not sure if the contact spring would take up the necessary 4mm in length.

I’m sorry- I’ve been told we were able to email you back today, I hope that cleared things up.

Just chiming in to say I also bought these on Woot and the brightness IS impressive. I use these every few days while working in the garage, back yard, and on the car and have yet to experience any battery issues. Overall, I’d say this is a VERY solid value.

Right on, thanks.

Probably could just add some kind of spacer/washer in the housing to make up the 4mm difference.

As long as the contacts aren’t some weird design like the rosewill led flashlight i got that took 3aaa’s in a battery holder/caddy, it should be able to take some kind of lithium cell.

Knowing the inner dimensions really helps as far as what lithium cells i need to buy. Thanks again :slight_smile:

I have one of these and no the 18650s don’t fit the 18650 is a little to long and not as wide.

What about voltage when using lithium batteries, ie an 18500, or smaller cells with spacers?

I would assume a fully charged set of 3 aaa nimh’s would give you about what a fully charged lithium would in terms of voltage.

Under load it would seem like you would get the same voltage as well, assuming 1.2v nimh’s, and a 3.7v lithium battery.

My question is, does the flashlight have a voltage regulation chip, or does it just go with the voltage it gets, and limits the current?

It matters because you would get a brighter light with 3x new lithium primary cells, or alkalines, versus nimh’s or lithium rechargable cells when fully charged.

But the load voltage drop charachteristics between those four battery chemistries is really what matters i would think. If the lithium’s don’t drop as much, then i would assume it would give a brighter light, even if the other battery types had a higher charge voltage.

Since they would have a bigger voltage drop when the light is in use, assuming lithium ion rechargable cells have a lower voltage load drop, or certain type of high drain lithium cells do.

The hour is late for asking questions, but maybe someone is out there ??? helloooo?

I bought a couple of the Lenser T7 and P7 flashlights and I am so happy with them. Wanted more for holiday gifts. I missed the one offered on sellout. : (
How do these compare? The others also came in such a nice little case to strap on your belt or bag or what not.

Are these giftable for camping friends ? Or not so much… I should look around for the other.
What say you ? helloooo?? anybody ?

Just got mine today. did anyone else get theirs with out packaging?? I thought these were new? mine came in a plastic bubble wrap in the woot box.

odd that it is not in its original packaging or has any literature with it, and one of them is a bit scuffed. :confused: