Life + Gear 300 Lumen Flashlight 2-Pack

Life + Gear 300 Lumen Flashlight 2-Pack
Price: $14.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard* or $9 Two-Day or *$12 One-Day
Condition: New

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Life + Gear 300 Lumen Flashlight 2-Pack
Price: $14.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
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Condition: New


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This flashlight is another one of those damnable flashlights that you cannot just friggin’ TURN THE HELL OFF. You always have to go through that stupid strobe step. I say, woot, please, don’t EVER sell another flashlight with that liability (in some strange universe called a “feature”).

Actually on these they do turn off after each step. With each press of the button it cycles as follows:

bright on, off, dim on, off, strobe, off, bright on…

So it does turn off immediately when you press the button. What is really stupid though is that if you just turned it off from bright and want to use it bright again, you have to press the button 5 times.

Go down to your local Harbor Freight Tools and get these for $9.99 batteries included, and surely there is some coupon you can find to save 20 or 25%.

All they do is turn on and off.

I’m wondering what the actual light output on these flashlights is, if anyone knows. I have a Streamlight 155 lumen flashlight and it is unbelievably bright, which makes me highly skeptical that an $8 flashlight that runs on 3 batteries could output twice as much light for almost two hours.

Those won’t be 300 lumen though… 30 maybe.

I don’t own these but I do own 3 different lights. Two are handheld tac-lights and one is weapon mounted. The two handhelds have hi-lo-strobe features and you get used to cycling through very easily. Mine cost a hell of a lot more than these. I’m not sure how these would compare but having a few extra 300 lumen lights laying about the house is not a bad thing… nightstand, safe, kitchen drawer, and I like to keep one in my jacket pocket during the winter months as well. (gets dark around 4:30pm now)

Not meaning to pile on, but I agree with smoberg on this. The cheap lights are just cheap. They provide diffuse light well enough for small areas, but are completely useless beyond 10 meters or so. So they are great for simple home use, power outage or looking into that poorly lit closet. but fail miserably for any real “torch” required needs.

I do a lot of work/play in places with no light source beyond starlight or complete darkness. (I use this style light, though not these particular lights) These focused beam high lumen flashlights are almost as good as a concert spotlight. These make looking down a 50 meter conduit for an obstruction, as bright as daylight.

If you really need a focused beam at 50+ meters, these are for you. Otherwise go to the dollar store :slight_smile:

I’m in for 3.

Most lights that cycle like this have a hard off if you hold down the button for a couple of seconds (i.e. it resets to the start of the cycle). Does this have that capability?

Sorry I have no info on these lights except it looks like a good light and good price…but fyi…yesterday I picked up two 2pks at Home Depot for $14.88 per 2pk. They are made by Defiant which I first ran across Black Friday 2012. GREAT BRAND Defiant 300 Lumens LED Flashlights (2-Pack)
Model # HD13Q426 Store SKU # 1000016973
3.1 out of 5 stars

$14.88 / each 2pk

Reading the reviews on this model the only neg thing was some had issues with the on/off button but I can see nothing wrong with any of mine. Something I stumbled across when checking the button is that once you ‘‘click’’ it on you can run through the hi low strobe by just tapping on the button without having push the button all the way…that helps.

Good call!! I almost got the Woot ones until I saw your post, but you’re right, same Cree LED but cheaper (no shipping) and frankly a better style casing.

HOWEVER, the woot ones are 3-cell AAA and the Defiant ones are 4-cell. This might matter if you want to replace with a 16500/16650 lithium. Anyone know the equivelant lithium cell to replace a 4-cell AAA?

Ordered 3 last time they were up (Dec. 9th). Still haven’t received them! Tracking # comes up ‘not found’. Woot assigned me a case # anyway. )=; Was hoping to give as gifts. Maybe for next Christmas. . . ));
I have a similar flashlight and if you push and hold for a few seconds then release the button it will bypass the strobe cycle and turn off.

Maybe I’ve been out of the loop, but doesn’t woot do the $5 shipping for all items purchased on the dame day anymore?

they have a shopping cart now instead.

Ah, too bad… I was going to buy these…

I tried that suggestion and they don’t do that. The best I came up with is that while the light is on if you half press the button (without it clicking) then it will turn off and when you release it will immediately turn back on with the next setting. So if I have it on bright and I know that next time I will probably want it bright again I can half press and release to change it to dim, half press and release to change it to strobe, then full press to turn it off. Then next time I turn it on it is bright.

I would much much much rather have a 3 position selector switch on the side or something and the back button just be on/off.

Aside from that whole thing I am very pleased with the quality. I’ve only had mine for a few days but it’s all aluminum and has o-ring seals where the pieces screw together. And it is very bright. I think it would be a great flashlight to take hiking or camping because it seems really durable and the strobe would be good if you are lost and need to be rescued at night.

That LED Flashlight is just what he needs. Start out in technology slowly and work up to a 300 Lumen Flashlight.

Oh but it certainly could output 300 lumens, however, it likely doesn’t. It should still be over 200 though.

I’m recalling this from my flashlight hobby days so please don’t expect me to sound like an engineer. This flashlight is most likely running in series, which means you take the voltage of each battery multiplied by each other and then multiplied by the amperage to get the wattage. The wattage will give you an idea of how many lumens this flashlight will put out, but only if you’re comparing within the same tech (ie. LED vs LED) since LED’s are much more efficient than incandescent. If it were running in parallel then you get a longer run time but less output because you only get the voltage of one battery.

The three batteries in series essentially gets you one lithium-ion cell, which is easily capable of putting out hundreds of lumens. I have a flashlight that runs on one 18650 lithium-ion cell (the same cells used in Tesla cars and larger laptops) but also runs on three AAA cells and their isn’t that much difference in output. The 18650 in this light puts out over 800 lumens! It runs on an XM-L LED, which is currently the brightest. This light is likely using an XP-G and 300 lumens is well within its range. The multi-flashlight packs you get at Costco, HD, etc have been identified as using the XP-G so they’re probably very similar in output to these Life+ Gear lights.

You’d be surprised how close the AAA cells get to the 18650 in the light I referenced. You lose significant run time though.