Life+Gear Auto Glow Rechargeable Flashlight/Emergency Flasher - 2 Pack

These look a little… well… like something.

I thought you were going to cross that line for a minute,…

I was literally just thinking about how I need some of these flashlights that could be used like road flares about 5 hours ago. GET OUT OF MY HEAD WOOT.

Just kidding, this is no surprise to me. I know you have bugged my house a while ago.


a flashlight


Oh boy, I remember when these were on Sellout.woot and the comments on the deals.woot listing were hilarious.

I’m already thinking Christmas stockings for the college kids.


They’re getting more expensive–I only paid $0.99 each on sellout.woot.

Or this:

with my previous comment for webpage:

yes, it was $0.99 when you bought from sellout, but this $4.99 was the same home.woot price last December

That’s the one. I think that was my highest upvoted comment ever :slight_smile:

Serious question. I used to have a flashlight that was a “shake” type thing, where if you shook it hard enough, it would charge up and keep going. Is this the same type of thing?

I’ve been needing a nice flashlight for a while. I really like the fleshy tones of this unit, seems quite nice, and looks sturdy. Waterproof is a definite plus, very good foresight by the company there.

If it’s a shake charge I think that’d be fantastic, and I’ll be in for two, always good to have an extra set so you don’t wear it out.

I don’t know what it was called, but I think it was battery powered, and it had some sort of thing inside where if you shook it the light would stutter on. Was kind of a pain, but I fail at buying batteries tbh

OK, so they cost more here right? sheese…I don’t understand why you needed to make that distinction…maybe my sarcasm meter needs recalibrating

recharge in your car lighter socket battery-powered

At this hour, I have trouble identifying sarcasm or much else. Woot rarely will go up and down with prices on the same item, just pointing out that the sellout price was definitely a bargain, but this price (like December’s home.woot) is higher.

I can identify when something costs 150% more than it did from the same company

Like I said originally–right?

right. Leave it at that.

Looks like this could serve a couple uses if the zoombies ever attack