Life in the Bike Lane

love the drawn in helmet on the guys head. only 20 states (including the district of columbia) require the use of helmets for motorcycles, don’t see the need to wear one going a fraction of the speed on a bicycle.


ummm yeah.

Being hit by some id*ot red light runner going 80 mph with me flying 30 feet in the air and rolling another 30 feet and walking away alive… the paramedics saying the helmet definitely saved my life.

See, it isnt the speed of the bicycle but the speed of the id*ot in the motorized vehicle that usually causes the issue.

Every time I have slid on ice or something on my own not a big issue - since I had the common sense to go about 8 mph (being cautious). Doing the same on a motorcycle doing 20+mph is another story!

most bike injuries are caused by bikers being hit by cars and slamming their unprotected head into the hood, speed rarely has anything to do with it.

lol, same response, near simultaneous

hopefully you didnt have the same experience I had - but strangely “lol”.

Have a brain? Wear a helmet.

Choose not to? Please sign the organ donor card.

Regardless… A bike is a motorcycle you peddle.
A bike’s top speed is MAybe 30mph…
My Motorcycles top speed is over 120mph.

I do not have to wear a helmet… by law on my motorcycle. I do on my bicycle.

Makes Sense?

depending on the bike I can get closer to 40MPH… and yeah cars can be really stupid on country roads…

[sic] “I’ll stop riding helmet-less when they pry my bike from my cold, silly, dead hands.”


Anyone have experience with this particular bike? Am looking to get back into riding after a few years off…

Which one are you asking about?

What are the frame sizes of the men’s bikes? Need a beater bike for around the city.

Glad to live in a state where a helmet is not required for motos or foot cycles.

I know what’s best for me, even if it’s lying in a pool of my own blood, bleeding out from the handlebars stuck in my chest from the car who hit me going 80.

It’s my choice, not some taxing thug. lolpolitics

Fine with me if you don’t wear a helmet. World’s overpopulated. I, on the other hand, realize that I’m not bulletproof and have been hit by a car while biking. Helmets for me!

Unless you end up in a coma, your insurance runs out and that same government you loathe (forget about the roads, clean water, police, bridges and other benefits of civilization) has to start paying your medical bills. Taxes are the cost of civilization. Don’t like it? Move somewhere else. Somalia is nice this time of year and zero government interference with your chosen lifestyle.

Ive done in excess of 60 on a bicycle. Not wise… But someone dared me and i was young.
Brain injuries suck. Too many laws suck. The motivations dont have to
be exclusive.

Sooo… am I doing the math right on this? I found some bike frame calculators, and according to them, in order to fit on a 26" frame bike, you’d need to have an inseam of 39.76 inches… in other words, these are bikes for Yao Ming. What gives?

That is, I’m average height with an inseam of 34" and I should get a bike with a 22" frame.

26" is the wheel size, not the frame height. Easy mistake to make. A 34" inseam should have no trouble standing over a 26" bike.