Life in the City

How do I get back on the Aorta!?

This gives a whole new meaning to “Life is a highway”

The aerial view is nice, but you don’t want to see what street view looks like.

Well if I can’t be first sucker I can be last. Except I’m not anymore. Oh, fame, you are so shortlived.

Would it be considered cheating to wear this to an anatomy test?

Google Maps meets Health class…yeah I can dig it.

I hear that the pulmonary embolism shuts down traffic for miles

How many shirts based on human anatomy are we going to have before Woot bans them?

That’s one heck of a lub-dub turnpike between East and West Lungtown.

Woot has this strange obsession with human organs. i’m too lazy to link the actual shirts, but there are designs similar to this that they’ve sold in the past, but with different themes. electrical circuits, insects, the jungle, etc.

Love the design, not sure about the color. I’m gonna have to think about this one.

Should that guy be concerned about the big lake in the lung?

I hope this is anatomicly correct, because if it isn’t, science is going to be hell
next year.

Given that map, it’s no wonder I keep going in circles in my relationships.

Woot is now listing “First Day Quantity.” Is this new? Does it mean some shirts in the future might sell out at more or fewer than 3000?

I’d get this shirt just to tell people that traveling was in my blood. Unfortunately, it’s CREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAMMMMMMMM!!!
The only cream shirts I will wear must contain DeLoreans and/or Flux Capacitors.

Condition - Nick Lowe? As in, the Marvel Editor & all-around awesome guy, or is there another one I don’t know about?

(I’m guessing the latter, as I’m really not seeing the correlation otherwise.)

I bet the congestion on Vena Cava Expy can be terrible.

I didn’t see this. Interesting.