Life is Sweet

Highly recommend the Hunt Country sampler! The Hook Up Muscat is enjoyable but you can find as good or better at the grocery store for $15/bottle.

The Oberon bottles look like 375ml to me but are listed as 750ml?

Not sure (again) that I get it? Mad Houswife is voted best wine under $10.00 BUT (even with tax and shipping) it’s almost $20.00 per bottle now “discounted” here at Wine.woot down to $7.50 per bottle?

don’t know about that, but I got this recently here and it is very nice.

Ok…Wine Woot now sucks arse! My husband and I have ordered wine from for several years now. My favorite offering comes up this week, Hunt Country Wine, and suddenly can no longer send wine to New Mexico??? So we discovered while shopping for the holidays that Amazon’s Wine store won’t ship to New Mexico and NOW Woot??? Ironically, I can order directly from this Wine Merchant with no problem, but I can’t get the Wine Woot Deal??? That is bullpucky. “Life is sweet” isn’t exactly how I would put it.

How is this Woot!'s fault? You voted in the people who made up this rule.

It would be nice if it were that simple, but it’s not. Some of the newer restrictions are due to Amazon’s interpretation of shipping rules, rather than to any new laws passed by legislators. You can read about it to your heart’s content.

Hi Wooters, I hope you had an enjoyable Hanukkah or Christmas with friends and family. I got to celebrate both! This is Jim Alsina, general manager of Hunt Country Vineyards. I really enjoyed my “glass” (well, a little more than a glass) of Vidal Blanc Ice Wine, with a homemade cheesecake, as the finishing touch to a beautiful Christmas dinner. This selection of 4 dessert wines is not only delicious but should be interesting to wine lovers, in that each wine is produced in a different way. Many of you may know that genuine ice wine is produced from grapes left on the vine into the winter to be harvested frozen solid and crushed frozen solid. The Late Harvest Vignoles is made from a grape that has been “infected” by botrytis, a good fungus, at the right time, and in sufficient quantity. The fungus draws moisture out of the grape, concentrating the flavors. Our Ruby Port begins with a blend of red wines, that are then spiked with 100% distilled grape brandy. Our Cream Sherry is also spiked but not until the base (mainly white) blend has been heated and oxidized, which “darkens” the flavor. The Cream Sherry and Ruby Port are like wine “liqueurs”. I hope you enjoy all four wines!!

Just curious why they can’t ship to KS, yet just yest we received packages of wine at our shipping store (yes, located in KS) to hold for recipients.

And I’ve been waiting for a sampler-assortment with only one bottle of each type. Sigh.


Hi Kat, like most states, Kansas liquor control authorities require wineries to have a license to ship directly to its residents. The license for Kansas costs about $300 per year. I’m so sorry that we don’t have it yet, but we’ve got it on our list for Summer next year!

I am enjoying my 4 pk. from the previous offer!! I have only opened the port and Ice wine so far…Yummmmmm!!!Thanks!

Thanks for explaining, Jim. Doggone KS for being greedy.

Any chance you can hold back a set 'til you do get your KS license? (grin!)


So glad you’re enjoying them!

Yes, Kat, there is a chance we can offer this selection again. In the meantime, Happy New Year!

I’ve missed wine.woot since I moved a few years ago. I’m hoping that changes now, because as of today, wine can be shipped direct to consumers in Massachusetts!

We’ve worked hard to change the laws and saw rare success. So here’s hoping the wineries add us to their ship-to lists soon!

We’re working on our license application for Massachusetts, and are guardedly optimistic to be able to start shipping in April!