Life n Soul Bluetooth Speakers & Headphones

We have a long road trip coming up this summer with a 6 yr old and a 9 yr old and I would like some bluetooth headsets for them to use in the car with the various electronic devices. Last year it was a mess with the tangled cords everywhere catching on things and just generally being a PITA so I thought these would be a nice idea. Anyone own this brand can give me a recommendation? My 6 yr old wears her headphones on the same size setting I do so I don’t think size is an issue.

funny they have the woot-bot set up to change the to teh, among other auto-typos. They must be vetting the new copy editors.

I wonder what happens when you type teh in the message

I guess I found out

I own a speaker, use it for my car (radio, wiring, electrical problem) Speaker works great.

How do you misspell “the” that many times???

It was an April Fool’s prank by Woot.

Funny, huh?

Amazon Reviews aren’t great…

5-star reviews on the bluetooth ear buds on Amazon.

Wow WOOT. What’s going on? I ordered the Life n Soul MT103 on Wednesday and it arrived TODAY! I’m not used to that fast of shipping. I didn’t even get a chance to track the package!. NICE JOB!
Oh and by the way, the Life n Soul MT103 sound great!

Oh, by the way, we really like to keep people happy. Sorry we took the incessant tracking joy away from you, though. Happy Friday and happy listening!

I just bought one of these, unpackaged it, and plugged it in to the USB charger. The socket for the charger promptly popped off and started rattling around inside. I have tried contacting L&S support but they haven’t responded yet. So just a word of caution that though these might be good headsets, if something does break don’t expect a fast response from their support.

are the headphones compatible with the PS3?

I just had the same thing happen with mine. I have just emailed tech support myself…

apparently not :frowning:

Very disappointed in the BM208. It doesnt hold a charge for more than 10 minutes play time but wont charge for more than a few minutes. I have tried various power sources and power cables.

Even plugged in to a power source, the sound is only marginally better than my galaxy S4 puts out all by it’s lonesome.