Life Seed

Ethereal and evocative. Excellent!

Lordbowen’s post, brought to you in part by the letter E. :slight_smile:

Another great design by patrickspens.

Help it grow, Crysta!

I checked the catalog, this makes my 7th shirt to buy from patrickspens.

Is this an anvil shirt or a woot tagged shirt?

I had this exact thought.

I came here just to write this and was happy to see it was already here. Thank you for making my morning. :slight_smile:

The majority of the shirts sold here the past 3 years have been manufactured by Anvil. Now if you’re wondering whether it’s going to be printed on the older “neckstretch” variety, then I’m guessing not, as navy was one of the earlier colors to change stock.

Don’t buy woot shirts. They take your money but don’t deliver.

If you’re experiencing any order issues please email into or use the Support Ticket to submit a ticket.

They should be able to help answer any questions or concerns you have about your order.

This is why I could never be a moderator for this site. My first reaction was “How much you want to bet they never even attempted to let woot fix this since it’s so much easier to just trashtalk?”

Anywho, awesome shirt. Going to be adding it to my next batch of buys >.>