LifeCHARGE 16,000mAh Power Bank - 2 Pack

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LifeCHARGE 16,000mAh Power Bank - 2 Pack
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How long does it take to charge these?

Hopefully less than 3-5 business days…

A similar capacity unit took 9 hrs 28 minutes to charge according to its reviewer on youtube.

The “Features” and the “Specs” tabs have conflicting info. On the Features tab, it states that the input current is up to 2A, on the Specs tab, it says 1A.
Interestingly, on the company’s own product page, it has the same conflicting information.

I really do need one of these for a Christmas gift, but if you have to wait for it to recharge at 1A rates, it will be a royal pain. I have a RAVPower model of approximately the same capacity and it takes overnight to recharge at 2A input.

Any chance that either Woot! or the manufacturer can clarify this for us?

Also, nobody seems to ever have sold this particular model before. The 16800mAh model gets great reviews over on the mothership, but virtually all of the negative comments about that model were that they took forever to recharge.

Finally, this model on the manufacturer’s page is listed as “Pre-Order”. Strange - Get It By Christmas (on this Woot! offering) and Pre-Order (on the company website)… wonder where the heck these will be coming from?

16,000mAHr is 16 AmpHrs.

It says the input is 1Amp.

So, it should take 16+Hrs.

The one in the Youtube video had a 2Amp input, and it took ~9.5 Hrs. Considering there is some in efficiency, that sounds reasonable, and it means this storage unit would take 17 Hrs to charge if it was FULLY discharged.

One other thing. If this will only do one thing at a time, charge itself or charge a device, if you only have one charger, you can charge the storage unit, or you can charge the storage unit but not both at the same time.

There are some units out there that will “pass through” the charge. Plug the charger to the storage unit, and the phone and tablet into the storage unit, and the one charger does all three.

With some limits. If everything needs a full charge, it will depend on how much current the charger will put out and the storage unit can take in.

That is something to remember or be sure to take TWO chargers w/ you.

Also, please be careful what cables you use when charging devices that require more than 1A. Data/Charge cables can typically only allow 1A, and charge-only cables like the Portapow can allow the full current.

I have a set of these and a little device that displays the voltage and current coming from a USB port, and I can attest that these cables can provide 2.1A when the device and the charging source also both require/provide that amount of current.

This model, unlike the one sold on Amazon, does not appear to have a digital readout for the power level. Looks like it has a led bar to show the charge.

I bought this on Amazon about six months ago. Well made and heavy. It charges my wife’s iPhone three full charges before it needs to be recharged. The flashlight is very bright too. I’m buying these for Christmas gifts.

The sale should be updated pretty quick, but INPUT is 2A; OUTPUT is 1A/2.1A.

Have yet to try this battery but LifeCHARGE is a very good brand for battery .

I bought several battery cases the last few years for my Iphones and relative’s and they are great and still going strong .

2 pack of 16k mAh at this price is a very good deal compare to other brands on the market , most prices higher than this for a single pack of this capacity .

Most of these batteries would required a little longer time to recharge , I normally just plug it in over night and forget it till time of need . A full battery would easily cover for a weekend trip consider normal usages .

How is one of these batteries $80 from the manufacturer, but 2 are available from Woot! for $40?

Seems strange to me.

This may come as no surprise, but this deal is all over the internet for a 2-pack.

Thanks Woot :frowning:

Provide links, please? Or trolling you are?


We have several brands of battery packs. (No LifeCHARGEs) We love the RAVPower packs the most. Did have a switch issue with one and they sent out a newer, higher capacity replacement, no questions asked, 2 day delivery. Solid stuff, often well priced.

16,800 mAh (If true - many batteries overstate and use marginal off brand cells inside) is pretty huge, a very handy ‘don’t worry about having available juice’ size.

How many times can it charge a mobile phone?