LifeCHARGE 16,800mAh Dual USB Power Bank - 2 Pack

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LifeCHARGE 16,800mAh Dual USB Power Bank - 2 Pack
Price: $39.99
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3/7/2017 - $39.99 (Woot-off) - Click To See Discussion (1 comments)

Wow, this is awesome. I didn’t know a battery pack has “over-hear” protection. Does it have a very noisy operation?

LOL- we fixed it.

I am so glad that the LED is labeled as an LED on this product otherwise I would never have guessed that the little plastic dome lights up just like every other little plastic dome that I’ve seen on almost every electronic device since I was a child.

Y’all are a snarky bunch this morning. LOL

Will these explode and burn down my house while I sleep?

I guess the point of labeling it was related to this feature:

“Built-in bright LED flashlight comes to your rescue in an emergency situation by just pressing the side button twice”

Have to say, i have one of these from a woot 12-18 months ago and it has been great. Can easily charge my Note 4 2.5-3 times after all that time which is all I can ask.
I will note if i leave it unattended for a couple weeks, the % gradually ticks down but that doesn’t surprise me.

Very pleased… debating going in for 2 more although one i have is holding up very well.

Purchased one of these about 12 months ago from Woot. Worked great, until I had to go through Airport Security. They made me empty out my bag, which resulted in the charger falling on the floor. The LCD display broke, leaking the fluid inside, rendering the display unreadable, but the charger still works, I just can’t tell how much battery I have left.

Do they have something against selling these things one at a time? Some of us are cheap, antisocial loners. Gosh!

If the purpose of the “LED” label was to inform me that the LED acts as a flashlight, then it failed.

Considering most LEDs on electronics do not function in that capacity, it hardly seems unreasonable. Most LEDs are simple indicator lights at most. Usually we complain about not enough or missing details, so your complaint does not seem warranted.