LifeCHARGE 16,800mAh Dual USB Power Bank - 2 Pack

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LifeCHARGE 16,800mAh Dual USB Power Bank - 2 Pack
Price: $39.99
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I haven’t had much luck with Lifecharge. Out of the two, more than likely, both will have a malfunction of some kind. Mine, neither LCD screen worked and one of the chargers USB ports did not work. Take your chances, if you are lucky enough to get two fully functional units then it’s a great deal.

I bought one of these some time back, but they were branded “Gorilla Gadgets” but otherwise look identical with the same specs ($40 for one). It has been working great for three years.

Obviously, I don’t know that the innards of this are identical, but I’m hopeful.

In for two.

The two I bought from woot last yearish lasted about 6-8 months or so. the first one only charged to about %80 after two months it died suddenly after 8 months. The second one stopped providing enough current so my devices would complain. I just discarded it as a large slow charger is useless.

Anker or nothing for me.

Since this is using old-style usb ports using 1 amp and 2.1 amp, this has to be an out of date and old battery pack.

Nowadays, 2.1 to 2.4 an QC 2.0 are the usual standard.

Not worth it.