LifeCHARGE 16,800mAh Dual USB Power Bank

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LifeCHARGE 16,800mAh Dual USB Power Bank
Price: $39.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Thursday, Feb 19 to Tuesday, Feb 24) + transit
Condition: New


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MURICANS make sure their phones are powered by FREEDOM, picked fresh by BALD EAGLES at the peak of freshness.

Or something.

Hope I don’t get in trouble for thread crapping, but Fry’s has this for half this price: $19.99 with flag and everything.


Thanks for the link. I remember when woot was the site selling things for half price.

I thought woot is selling coffins for a second when I see the thumbnail.

Unfortunately Fry’s isn’t carrying the black and white one for that price like Woot is :C

that was before amazon bought them

Not to stir the pot, but I believe that Best Buy will Price match Fry’s and you can just go get it there or online for the Fry’s price.

Truly the perfect gadget for traveling abroad. Let those snooty Europeans know how it is. Or bring a dash of freedom to the Middle East. In for 3!

I guess if you really want a flag on your power charger, there’s nothing wrong with this, but from a strictly financial perspective, this is pricy for the mah per dollar with less expensive options available with an easy search on Amazon. (I recently paid less than this for 24000 mah portable charger – granted, different brand, so apples to oranges in that category, but still).

What, did you just learn what a Merkin is and felt the need to use the word in a sentence? You do know that people understand that it is an insult right?

I purchased 2 of these and while one works great, one stopped working completely in just a couple of months. Contacting customer service resulted in this…

“Thank you for the information. Please send it back with the receipt (copy or original), in original packaging and everything what comes in package (if available) to the below address.”…“Please ship via USPS/FEDEX or UPS as per your convenience. Once we receive the Product back, we will analyze and will update you within few days.”

So ship the whole thing back at my expense and we"ll “analyze” it… with no guarantee of fixing or replacing… Woot wasn’t any help either. I’m now the owner of a brick like flashlight… BTW the one that does work, works great… just wish CS handled this situation better.

Is it made in the US?

The black one on the Fry’s website is $69.99.


They should have one with a Chinese flag on it, to show where it was made!

I own three of these power banks and use them every day. Very well made and work perfectly. I am very pleased with mine. Just bought two more of the USA Flag version. I hate Fry’s and would not step foot in store even if they were free.

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