LifeCHARGE 22,400 mAh Dual USB Power Pack

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LifeCHARGE 22,400 mAh Dual USB Power Pack
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Time to check out the product page

The 2nd gen is less expensive on Amazon! What is woot coming to?

I can’t find a 2nd Gen for this pack. Link?

We are selling the current model as you can see on the LifeCHARGE site.

Can Woot Staff check the 22,400 mAh rating? This would make it a 22.4 Amp Hour battery which is bigger in capacity than most full size motorcycle batteries. I find that to be improbable.

Maybe he is referring to this?

EC Technology® 2nd Gen Deluxe 22400mAh Ultra High Capacity 3 USB Output External Battery

Totally different brand and product, although it has the same capacity and three USB ports instead of two.

Completely different battery chemistry (lead-acid versus lithium ion). Motorcycle and automotive batteries need to be able to put out of lots of current in order to start the engine. These lithium-ion batteries to charge USB-powered devices do not.

An typical 18650 lithium-ion battery (cylinder 18mm in diameter, 65mm in length) is around 3000 mAH. So the size of this device looks to be right for the stated capacity.

Lead-acid battery energy density: 60 - 110 Wh/l
Lithium ion battery energy density: 250 - 260 Wh/l
(from Wikipedia)

Does anyone know if this thing is any good?

I see the built-in lightsaber in the photo, but I don’t see anything in the specifications. Can I use the integrated lightsaber in a proper fight with my neighborhood sith lord, or is it a mini-lightsaber and better for minor tasks like field dressing a tauntaun? Can you tell me blade length and power output? Is the crystal replaceable or is white my only option?

Thanks in advance for your prompt reply.

In a pinch it might do, but look at the shape, that’s not a proper handle.

In any real fight, that’s going to slip out of your hand and it’s as likely to hurt you as the sith lord.


Perhaps in a newer, and more controversial version, this battery pack will also have a mini-crossguard made out of the same mini-lightsaber.

[MOD: email returned] This does not charge my iPad 2 - can I return?

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