LifeCHARGE 3000mAh Cases for iP 6 & 5/5S

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LifeCHARGE 3000mAh Cases for iP 6 & 5/5S
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Check out the product page for the iPhone 6 case

Will this fit a 5C iphone?

Never any support for 6+. :frowning:

As an iPhone repair specialist I can say unequivocally that a case designed to fit the 5/5S will NOT fit a 5C.

Can I assume the battery will always be receiving a charge from the case?

Would the constant charging in some way damage the iPhone 5 factory-installed battery?


Well these battery case is not for iPhone 5c

I can tell you from experience this is false. I partial charge my kindle all the time and the battery became unreliable shortly after a year. The indicator became unreliable (e.g. it would say 30% and suddenly dies). I got a replacement kindle and with that one, I never do partial charges – I charge the kindle only after it’s low on battery ( < 20% ) and, once charging, I always wait until it’s fully charged before pulling the plug. This kindle is going on 3+ years and the battery performs almost like new.

I can confirm the same experience with my macbook and my cell phones.

The link is to a university study, but your soul experience is enough to teach you all you’ll ever need to know?

He is an honest soul, so yes, it’s enough. :slight_smile:

The case is decent quality, goes together easy on phone, makes it a slight bit more bulky (worth it for the battery power)