LifeCHARGE Battery Cases

Just plug your phone in at night when you go to bed and spend the money you would have spent on this redundant technology on yourself.

How hard is that?

It’s very necessary for when you spend a lot of time on the road. How many idiots at airports do you see fighting for an outlet because their phone is dying? Never happens to me. I have a few of these.

I’m adding some details about this battery case to my original posting. Pardon me for adding the info to the top -

According to this sale here on Woot! the manufacture is offering a 90 day warranty. But Ontrion’s web site states it’s for one year. Look on here:

Which is valid? My UNU case had a one year warranty and I had to take them up on it after I heard something rattling around inside. UNU was very prompt at sending me a shipping label and replacement case. So that’s what I wanted to add here. Back to your original program already in progress…

My iPhone 4 (16Gb) gets heavy use throughout the day and charging outlets are never around when you need them. I use a similar battery case bought here over a year and a half ago made by UNU and won’t leave home without it.

Secondly, the battery cases are rather rugged and do a great job at protecting that somewhat easily ‘bruised’ Apple product.

I may just buy two of these cases as the micro USB charge/data connector has been acting very intermittent in my UNU case.

Don’t waste your money. Bought one through Best Buy deal of the day for $25. It lasted only a couple of months. Then went through the RMA process for replacement. Got the new one and if you leave it attached to your phone (per the design) the battery drains even when it is not turned on. Also while it is attached you cannot do anything such as sync your phone with the USB cable.

You would be better off buying a rechargable battery back-up or spare battery.

Hmm- if you get out much, this can be handy. Don’t know about this particular brand, but will say that on a family vacation (primarily walking, taking subways, etc) using phone GPS, taking pictures with the phone, most of our phones were nearly dead early in the day. The only person whose phone lasted the whole day with still significant battery left was the one who had a battery case similar to this. (Again, not sure what brand it was). Would have loved to have this!!

I bought 2 of these at different times . The first one I paid $35 , the 2nd just a few weeks ago at $30 .

This time they offer w/ the bonus of another back up battery . Good deal though ,I wish they’d done that last time when I bought an extra one for my wife.

Mine are working fine , one full charged (4 bars) battery could refilled my Iphone5 twice at almost empty , about 5% . Although it could take whole night or longer to recharge the battery to full capacity because it would always recharged the phone first .

It gives your phone a solid feel in hand and does somewhat good protection .

One thing, if you buy the white one ,it made with glossy plastic instead of matte finish like the black one ; so it could be pretty slippery at times in your hands or your pockets .
The plus thing of this white shiny finish that it could be very easy to keep it clean , easy to wipe off .

I would consider this but my phone will only connect to my car using a lightning cable so I would have to remove from case whenever in the car. I will just continue to rely on my morphie juice pack on heavy use days.