LifeCHARGE Battery Cases

Are these battery cases Qi charging compatible as the image alludes to?

I bought one of the Galaxy S4 cases a previous sale. This is my two cents for those that might need it:

1 - The battery connection seemed to be a pain to get right for proper charging, but once it was in there it’s stayed connected well enough so far.

2 - As far as extra charge goes, works great to extend the life. I don’t think I’ve dropped bellow 50% since I started using it, granted I haven’t done some of my heavier business trips that I bought it for. (was running out of juice on those)

3 - The wireless charging station also works pretty well, though it does need a USB in case that wasn’t clear. It’s slower, but effective.

4 - The one big downside? I really don’t consider this case very protective at all. Maybe I’m just a snob from having used an Oterbox before, but the “bumper” piece flies off way to easy if you drop it or otherwise jar it. So I really only endorse the case for the extra charge, not for protection.

I also bought the s4 case in a prior offering. I can confirm the above in its entirety. Unfortunately my phone takes some damage every time I drop it because the case flies apart on impact. The case itself seems a little slippery.

I was running out of battery charge before the end of a regular business day before buying this case. My phone now makes it through the end of the day with WiFi Bluetooth and GPS enabled. I wouldn’t say the battery life is doubled, but it may be 50 percent higher.

Maybe I should have brought a replacement battery and kept my Oterbox…

No, this is not an inductive charger. If you look at the photos, there are two small metal contacts on the back of the case, and the charging pad is two large metal plates. It is conductive charging.

I have one and would not recommend it. The other poster already said a lot of my experiences as well, but I’ll add that the case does not fit well at all. It never “clicks” in place all the way around the phone, so some part is always loose and it creaks. The ring also blocks the USB port on the bottom for a lot of my accessories. The charging cord that came with the phone fits, but car chargers and other plugs won’t, so I find myself removing the ring to charge on most devices.

The contacts on the back don’t stick out far enough to make contact with the pad, so that part is useless to me.

All around disappointment.

I’m in total and complete agreement with the above comments about this particular phone case.

I bought the one for the Galaxy S5 and although having the extra battery life throughout the day is nice (I wouldn’t dip below 30% on some days with moderate/heavy use), the “protection” the case offers is almost non existent. Even from very short fall distances (less than 18 inches) the case would fly off and the batteries would go flying. Not only that, but the phone is no longer waterproof while using the LifeCHARGE case.

Lastly, don’t plan on using a holster with this phone, it increases the size of it by enough that finding a holster for it is virtually impossible.

Overall, unless battery life is more of a key point than safety/durability, I’d pass on this case.

I am interested in the Note 3 case - but does it support the smart widgets for the case? The previous one I purchased with the window stopped working with Lollipop.