LifeCHARGE Bluetooth Smart Lamp Speaker

This is really not worth the price. The battery dies very quickly. The light is nice and can be controlled with a simple touch. There is also a color cycle mode that you can stop on any color, though you cannot change brightness once selected. My kids (both under 4) like the color cycle, which is the redeeming quality for me. It charges with micro usb and needs to be charged nightly with any use and every other night even with no use and the switch off. Sound quality is fine, what you would expect out of a tiny speaker. The battery being dead every time I try to turn it on is frustrating and ruins it for me. I had hopes to use it as a bedside clock but even that failed as the clock part turns off after so many hours, even when plugged in.

Broke after using it once. Waste of time and space.

I’m sorry to hear that! If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form for assistance.