LifeCHARGE PowerPack Bundle ((2) 10k + (2) 4k mAh)

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LifeCHARGE PowerPack Bundle ((2) 10k + (2) 4k mAh)
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Can you with IPad?

The smaller, 4,000mAh battery will charge an iPad slowly. The larger, 10,000mAh battery will charge an iPad slowly from the 1amp output and fully from the 2.1amp output.

I bought a similar item for long days flying cross country. My husband used it backpacking last summer with a solar charger to keep if full. Kept his activity tracker charged and phone, he needed to record his activity tracker info.

Does the power button actually power the USB port on and off? I need a battery to power on (and off) a raspberry Pi and I need to be able to power it on at the push of a button (and not right away when it is connect to the USB port). Can these do it?

Do I read correctly that this comes with 4 total battery packs? 2 of each kind? If so, totally in!

I’m out for the same reason. I’d be interested in one or two of these for 10 or $15. But what do I want with 4 charging packs? Don’t have any week-long wilderness journeys planned.

Ah, I was thinking gifts or keep in multiple places to be used one at a time. 2 cars, 1 at home, 1 at work.

Maybe a gift for someone you may or may not like?

I have these and they work great. Love the three way light on side. However the on off button does not power the USB ports, only the light.

On the specs page it says there are only 2 charging cables included - not 4.
Can someone verify?

Oh, the ridiculousness of writing 4k mAh. How about just 4 Ah?

Or, if you really want to be ridiculous, do it right: 4kMGTmunp Ah.

these are great! I took to Europe and lasted a almost 5 days before had to recharge agian… very good. We use on trips and as back ups