Lifeline 85-Piece First Aid Kit

You are basically paying for the case. You can go to walmart and buy a bigger Johnson and Johnson first aid kit for less and get 10 bucks of coupons in it too.

Ys. And use empty alto is tins to store s all kits in your car. I have a few band aids. Alcohol wipes. Baby wipes. Gauze and more in one. It’s more than enough for city driving. And for a trip taking a j&j or similar kit in their box is fine in the trunk.
This is really only for hikers IMO. And I’m guessing its waterproof? If not. Use a small plastic bag and put your other kit in it.

Yes, I’d guess this is more geared toward hikers, considering it’s on sport.woot and also that REI carries this model and brand. I think the size and variety in this large kit is suitable to a 2-3 person hiking group for a few days.

Waterproof…hard to say, but I’d guess it’s water resistant at least. Most multi-day treks it’s worth lining your pack with a garbage bag anyway to improve your chances against downpours.