Lifeline First Aid

Do these kits have a shelf life?

Based on the exorbitant pricing (even at Woot discount), they are clearly positioning for a top shelf life.

I would suspect that you’ll find this is good for five years only. I’ve owned similar survival packs and the batteries go, the gloves can perish (especially if one of the water pouches springs a leak) and the water begins to taste funny.

It’s worth remembering that the shelf life will be shortened in extreme conditions (in a car, on a windowsill), so store in the cool and dark and check periodically.

No first aid kit will last for 5 years. Two years max.

The price isn’t a premium either. These kits are dirt cheap. Especially the ones with bags. I can’t imagine that they are making any kind of profit on this other than word of mouth.

Any kit that includes a comb (2 combs in the 2-person pack!) is not an emergency kit.

Most of the items listed many of us already have or can get cheaply. The only odd items are the 2400 calories food bar and the water packets. The mother ship has both of these items if you want to put your own kit together. The food bars has one good review that says they taste good but contain coconut (the reviewer had a friend who is allergic).
for $6.53. The water packets are $7.00

Does anyone know if the bar contains nuts or other related products (peanut butter, almonds, walnuts, etc.)? Many such products do for the protein value, which makes them a non-starter for people like me who are allergic.

Just bought the 121 pc first aid kit. Looks like a good deal. Found it on Amazon as a AAA first aid kit $29.95 w/prime shipping

Also got the 5lb pick axe… don’t ask why, not sure I need one, but shipping was covered with first aid kit and price was good. While I was at it, threw in a pair of Anarchy sun glasses (Signal aviator) so I could look good with my pick axe… all and all a good shopping day at Woot!

I own some Lifeline kits and they use the cheapest Chinese made items available. You’d be better off piecing it together using name brands yourself. It’d be cheaper and higher quality.

I’d post where you could get these things for way less, but woot would delete my post then.

Looking at what’s inside, you could go to Dollar Tree and piece together the 50 buck kit together for about 30 bucks. It looks like an impressive list of items, but in reality, it’s just a list, not too impressive.

Interesting. Haven’t looked at all the survival kits but the one person essential kit has candles but no way to light them (no matches or lighter). Should be labeled “For smokers only.”

Is anyone else thinking this… what do I need an cheap included backpack for if I am going on a trip into the woods? Why not just buy the a simple first aid kit, a water purifier, and some dried meals and throw them into my existing backpack.

What I’d rather buy is an emergency service where I get a small beacon that hangs around my neck and when activated drops one of these bags from the sky to my location for those times where my 3 hour tour boat crashes on an uncharted island with a half dozen clowns.

I can’t tell you how many times this exact situation has occurred to me!

However, you could get rescue beacon. I would if there was a chance I was going somewhere potentially dangerous outside of cell range.

How are the actual bags? I’ve made my own bug out bags with maxpedition bags and were just wondering on the quality of the bag itself. Not expecting anything near a good quality bag, but decent enough for the price? I plan on a couple of these for my friends and am going to replace the tools with higher quality stuff I have, the flashlights, radio, multi tool, add knife,etc.

Can I be your friend? Or at least can I pick your brains about what you consider the better brand/model emergency supplies to get, if you have opinions? I have frequented “those” kinds of sites, but hearing from a fellow Wooter would be funner.

Sent you a message. There are hosts of brands to choose from…making your own can be fun as well. Kits like this are a pretty good starting point if you don’t know what to get. I favor bags from Maxpedition, but any good quality bag/backpack can suffice provided it’s sturdy and has enough rom for what you need. Buy quality flashlights and batteries. This can also range from cheap to duty quality like Surefire lights.

A nice tradeoff is FourSevens/Fenix/Maglight LED. Lithium batteries when fresh can last up to 10 years. Low self discharge Nimh Rechargables like Eneloops are less likely to leak and ruin lights/radios and if they do, it won’t be a muck of acid in your device. Eneloops tend to maintain like 75-80 percent of their charge after a year of storage. You can check them every year and top them off/rotate them out.

There are dozens of good radios and multi tools out there etc.

It’s not a lets go camping bag. It’s a…oh crap, it’s the zombie apocalypse/hurricane/earthquake bag.

If I had that service you mentioned…I’d have them pick me up instead.

I really want to like these kits because I am lazy but if you have been on woot any length of time you already have a first aid kit, the hygiene kit can be purchased separately anywhere and the survival supplies you may already have or can get-woot recently sold the handwarmers and of course backpackers.

That said, if you are new to woot or aren’t onto camping or the zombie appocalypse, then these could be a better than nothing option for being prepared. The timing is certainly good with the recent tornados, unseasonable cold weather and approaching hurricane season.

I have two suggestions for anyone buying these kits. First add some strike anywhere waterproof matches and second replace the garbage bags with trash compacter bags. Trash compacter bags are thicker and was suggested by my survival instructor for emergency shelter.

Woot: what is the expiration date on the food bars and water packets?

2nd question: according to the lifeline site, the one person premium bag does contain waterproof matches but the woot specs doesn’t list any matches. Which is correct?

End of worlder? Backpacker? Paranoid android (with lifelike flesh)? Build your own emergency kit/go bag. You don’t need 15 kinds of band-aids or hair combs. This is just a gimmick. First-aid kits are always marked way up because they play on the idea that when the tornado or earthquake or Communists strike, if you have some band aids and an iodine tablet you’ll be the hero who thought ahead. It’s great to be prepared, and use some of the items here as a guideline… But since you can make your own and save, why wootent you?