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Are the carrying bag and door anchor included in the R2 set as pictured?

That’s my question too. The description imply that it’s not since it’s not listed, but it’s clearly in the package photos.

Anyone have any ideas?

Inquiring minds want to know.

The buyer just got back with me- it looks like that image is from our sample, the case + door anchor should be included with the purchase.

Is there a DVD included with the monster walk?

Some of the listings show the DVD in the photos…but no mention of it in the specs. Very misleading. Without the instructional DVD, the equipment is kind of pointless.

Sorry for the confusion. DVDs aren’t included with these.

What about the door anchor and the two interchangeable black padded handles shown in the pic for the R3 combo?

Why is it always a guessing game with the products you sell and the pics?

It looks like for this sale, the items that are included are listed in the Specs. The set you’re asking about only has the cable and the exchange handles. I completely understand your frustration. In cases like these, the photography we use is what the vendor provides. We probably didn’t get samples to get our own pics uploaded. Again, sorry for sending mixed signals.

where are the bundles buying individually ain’t worth it

I just received my “Monster Walk R3” and it came with the DVD as pictured. I also received my “Lifeline R3 30-Pound Resistance Cable with Exchange Handles” and it came with the DVD as well however it was missing the soft handles. It looked like it was a repack since there was a ripped open plastic bag in the container, so it probably should have come with the foam handles.

Did it come with the door anchor that was in the pic?

Just received the
Lifeline R3 30-Pound Resistance Cable with Exchange Handles
Condition New and the Lifeline R2 20 Pound Resistance Cable with QuickFit Handles. The exchange handles - one came cracked. The other, missing the door anchor (but a tag that would have attached to the door anchor was there). Wonder if these are seconds - too poor of quality to sell retail? I’ve sent a note to woot on each item. I’ll keep you posted. Hopefully they send replacements.