Lifeline Olympic Bar and Bumper Plates

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Lifeline Olympic Bar and Bumper Plates
Price: $13.99 - 119.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Wednesday, Jun 01 to Thursday, Jun 02) + transit
Condition: New


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Not a great deal… 300lb set (no rubber surround) from Dicks for 200 bucks. Likewise, I’ve seen the 300 lb set for cheaper when they’ve been on a good sale. Come on Woot!

Rubber surround/bumper plates cost more and have a different purpose. Can’t compare to plates that don’t have rubber…

Is this sale for a bar and a single plate? How do I purchase multiple plates without getting an equal number of bars?

The deal is for the bar OR the plates, sold as singles. It is NOT a set.

I got this the last time it came up. Took over a week for Woot to even process it and a bunch of people had their orders canceled without warning. It was almost 3 weeks between the time I ordered and time I received.

I got the 15# plates last time. No weird smell that I noticed, which is common with the Rogue versions apparently.

Buy some bumper plates or finish my lifting platform? I need to do one or the other before I can start doing deadlifts at home. $120 for 2 bumper plates or $30 for plywood and OSB off Craigslist.

Sorry Woot but you know where this is going.

Grab two rubber mats from Tractor Supply ($85) and you will never need bumper plates.

Hmmm, it’s not a terrible price for the weight on bumpers. Still, I’m glad I got them cheaper the last time they were up OH WAIT I DIDN’T. THE ORDER WAS CANCELLED WITH NO EXPLANATION.

Not gonna get me twice, Woot. I’ll stick to buying local on weights, thank you very much.

$120 for two 45# bumper plates is a pretty good deal, not a jaw dropping - must have immediately deal, but competitively low for a pair of bumpers. For comparison, Rogue has a pair of 45# HG 2.0 plates for $126, with shipping it gets a $20+ bump (pun intended). Not sure of the quality of these plates though.

Bumper plates are very annoying to use when deadlifting. The bounce they provide can cause instability if the user lets them hit the ground with any velocity. They really are designed for Olympic lifting - clean and jerks and snatches. The design is to prevent damage to the bar or plates when the weights are dropped - which is not the proper way to perform a deadlift. I would save my money and buy some standard Olympic plates.

Is this bar truly a 1000 pound rated bar? Does it it have the snap clips holding the 2" sleeves or is are they just bolted on?

Thanks. I hadn’t used bumper plates before and hadn’t taken that into consideration. I got a used ~300 pound weight set and a bar along with a power rack a few months ago. I’m happy with the plates but may need more weight on the squat side soon. I’ll avoid the bumper plates since deadlifts are the only exercise I’ll be doing where the weight touches the floor.

Your best solution is horse stall mats (Tractor Supply) 3ft x 6ft for $45, I have 6 of them they protect your flooring while giving just the right amount of ‘bounce’ if needed. That being said you could definitely use bumper plates for Deadlifts if desired, if you’re doing singles it’s virtually no difference, if you’re doing triples or fives you should be stopping after each rep unless you want to utilize the ‘bounce’.

From the buyer:
If he is referring to the weight collars on either side, they are snap clips that come off of the bar, they are not bolted on.

If you’re asking something else, please let me know so I can get you a better answer. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I deadlift with bumper plates all the time. As long as you have a decent amount of weight deadlifting, there will be no bounce.

If only I have room for a home gym, I would snap these up instantly! I would make up the money within a year of canceling my gym membership.

This is truly a horrible ad. Peeps who r interested in weightlifting equip know the vernacular. That being said, I will buy elsewhere since most of ur recent deals via amazon SUCK!!

As others have said, I had some issues the last time the bumper plates were offered with my order being cancelled mysteriously.

That said, the price on the plates is about equal to rogue if you ignore shipping. I found a local shop that priced identical to rogue and had no shipping(~$55 / 45# plate). Looks like on the smaller plates they are more expensive than rogue and others.

The bar price is very low, and I suspect the spin and whip is pretty bad. Probably a fine bar for powerlifting but I’d be pretty iffy about using it for much oly lifting. I’d suggest spending the money on a high quality bar - Rogue, American Barbell, and a few other companies make good entry level bars in the $250 range.

Lots of people complaining about how to order. Looks like you can order 7 items total, so it’s pretty dang easy to add the bar, then add your plates separately. 404 outrage not found.

Similar plates at Walmart for less

Rubber bumper plates are used for an entirely different thing than solid iron plates - you wouldn’t want to do an overhead jerk of 250lbs and drop that bar and iron plates on your floor.