Lifeline Olympic Bar and Bumper Plates

Limiting this to 7 is silly. I can’t buy a full set of 2 of each plate size and the bar. Should be limit 11.

Good price though, I’d be in for some plates if I didn’t just buy a power rack.

What is the size of the bar? 28.5mm is normal but it is not listed on this bar. The next size up is 30mm. So which is it?

The circumference.

Does this come with the bar and two plates ex. 2 45lbs plates or do you get 10-45lbs? they do come in two’s don’t they?

It is NOT a set.
The plates are sold individually as well.

These are the same Chinese-made bumper weights sold across several brands. This is a good price, but you can find them cheaper with some patience.

For example:

Personally, I went with crumb bumpers made by Diamond Pro, which I believe are made from shredded recycled rubber. They are also made in the USA. Crumb bumpers are wider, but they also can take a beating and can be used indoors and outdoors.

I’ve never heard or seen this Lifeline barbell and can’t find specifics on it (bar diameter, tensile strength, whip characteristics, finish, etc.). I assume that since it’s an “Olympic” barbell, there is no center knurl.

I went with the CAP OB-86B barbell as a budget starter. It’s not one you would show off, and it doesn’t spin like $300 bushing barbells, but so far it’s met my needs for Olympic-style lifts. The knurl is good for these lifts as well. If I ever get to a point where I am limited by the barbell, I’ll probably look at Rogue or similar.

Not sure, I’m curious about that as well. Even on the lifeline site it doesn’t say. It does say 1000 lb capacity and brass bushings so I’m hoping it’s a good quality bar (since I bought one).

I hope they don’t cancel the order this time. :stuck_out_tongue: