Lifeline Olympic Bar and Bumper Plates

I bought several of these a few weeks ago. They’re decently made and fit properly on the leg curl attachment of my bench. The rubber has a pretty pungent smell right out of the box, but it’s largely dissipated now, left in a room with the window open for fresh air.

I feel for the UPS guy that had to deliver them, but they came in decent boxes and were in excellent condition.

bout a month ago bought the olympic bar and some weights 2x10 2x25 and 2x45, plan on purchasing more with this current offering, really happy with them.

Help me out. What exactly do you get for the $119.99? Thanks

That’s the price of the Olympic bar.

Is this free shipping I want 8 45lbs plates

Shipping for Woot orders is $5 unless noted.

OK only issue I see is max of 7 I need 8 got to be even on bar 8(

place two orders and ur good had to do it last time I ordered.

I’m not expecting a lot for the price, but how is the bar?
Also, how much do the plates bounce?

For $125 shipped is this a decent bar for the money? Is there a better bar out there in the same price range? I haven’t been able to find much on the Lifeline brand…

Did you have to set up another separate account, or just place separate orders?

jus sep orders

How is the bounce? In spite of the description, my experience w/ recycled rubber bumpers is that they bounce a lot.

tough for me to say alot or a little i havent used the colored olympic style plates in 20yrs or so, but my guess is they would bounce more than olympics and certainly with less stability. Got accustomed to metal plates from the gym so the plates having the same circumference was weird @ first, but Im really happy to the point that I have made 3 purchases.

There are some cheaper on Amazon but i cant speak for their quality. But there’s a few around $80 there for the 45lbs.

Which is $20 + shipping more than listed here, so this looks like a pretty good deal.