Lifeline Olympic Bar and Bumper Plates

Be aware! These things are heavy!


This sounds like the set of bar and plates, but you have to buy each bumper plate separate, so all you get is the bar and locks.

This site has the same prices listed. (before the discount.)

Emphasis below on: “Sold as single weight plate”

** I’m not entirely sure if you Even receive a bar with this purchase. ** some clarification would be great.

Material : High quality recycled rubber and features a stainless steel insert
Little to no bounce
Coated with durable finish to prevent peeling and chipping
Stainless steel inserts hold up to heavy use with minimal bounce
Meets IWF standards
Single plate weights: 10lbs, 15lbs, 25lbs, 35lbs, 45lbs
Sold as single weight plate”

Better Deal Alert:

Set includes (2) 10 lb, (2) 25 lb, (2) 35 lb , and (2) 45 lb rubber plates.

Price comparison:

10lb x2: 28.00
25lb x2: 74.00
35lb x2: 100.00
45lb x2: 120.00
Total in comparison to woot deal: $322 on this woot deal.

$264.00 for amazon deal.

$58 savings.

If this came with the bar, than yes it’d be a great deal.

But otherwise. Good reviews on this posted one.

Egh… but than again the $166 shipping from amazon…not sure what the charge would be on woot. >_>

So. $326.00 since only $5 shipping w/ woot.

So saving $105 in comparison; so might as well throw in the BAR.

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