Lifeline Resistance - Your Choice

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Lifeline Resistance - Your Choice
Price: $9.99 - 24.99
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Let’s learn all about Lifeline and check out the product page

Here’s a chart showing the resistance curves for Lifeline USA resistance bands:

What are the chances that the states with an order have the lest amount of “large” people?

I used these regularly when I started having a job where I traveled all the time and couldn’t go to the gym. They are way better than the exercise machine at any hotel gym. If you’re creative about how to use them, you can reproduce most of the same lifts you would do with weights. Works best for lifts that allow you to start from a pre-stretched position, since the increase in resistance over a short distance is too big when it’s just starting to stretch.

The main problem, however is that the handles are extremely uncomfortable during many of the most important lifting motions. The back of them is really good at pushing into your wrist and making it more and more painful the harder you push. They also feel kind of cheap. I use the kind with three rubber band holders and if I put more than about 150 pounds of claimed resistance (which btw is not actually 150 pounds) on it, it feels like the handles will break.

But despite the problems, they are well worth it. It takes up negligible space and is as useful as a bowflex.

I just got the Power Pushup today from a previous Woot deal. It actually works pretty well, and I’ll be glad to have it on days where I can’t make it to the gym. Combined with an Ab Roller and one of those doorway pull-up bars, it makes for a fairly complete and cheap workout that will fit in a box in your closet.

That said, it can be a bit of a pain to manuever the thing behind your back without twisting up the cables, and I don’t know how long the cables are likely to last (I assume they’ll lose resistance over time and have to be replaced). But for 15 bucks, I’m pretty happy. A lot cheaper than a weight vest.

Coming soon to a flea market near you!

The previous sellout.woot plus had the same $19.99 for the beginner, and $24.99 for the advanced, and a few comments including answers from the company. One question though: are these made of latex? I bought exercise bands before that told me unfortunately I had a latex allergy from airborne particles during the stretching. Thanks.

Addendum: the other 3 products were also $9.99 on Dec. 23, too.

Between these bands and free weights, what do you think is better? I really wanted the adjustable dumbbells that were sold about a month ago.

Free weights should be your go to option any chance you get(barring injury or some other inability to use them)as far as best results and gained strength.

But I’ve got some lifeline cables and I would agree with the earlier assessment that the cables themselves are nice but the handles are pretty awful.

I’ve got the handles that let you slot three cables in each one and yeah, the handles themselves feel very rickety and will knock against the backside of your wrists.

Also on the higher resistance cables it is almost impossible to get them slotted in without a minor miracle due to their thickness, so yeah fully expect to spend a good 30 minutes getting your level 9-10 cables into the handles.

That being said there are some minor things about the cables that irk me but I’d recommend them to someone who wants to work out at home or supplement their current exercises and might not have the money or space for the various dumbbells and bars.

Solid product overall despite some shortcomings.

Use them both at the same time. I use bands with dumbbells and barbells. It’s an amazing workout and builds muscle quickly.