Lifepro by Lifesmart Fireplace - Large Room

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Lifepro by Lifesmart Fireplace - Large Room
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4.8 Stars over at Wayfair

I am probably just not seeing what I want to find out but here goes, just what is the definition of “large room”? That isn’t a legitimate qualifier.

Dimensions please and the approximate size is fine as long as its not “Somewhere between a medium size room and an extra large room”.

I don’t know what ROOM dimensions this would heat up, but the fireplace dimensions are very small: Overall: 22" H x 28.3" W x 10.7" D. Based on those dimensions, this fireplace is about the size of a very small radiator. I can’t imagine that such a small unit would sufficiently heat a “large” room.

[MOD: Product dimensions are 30" x 25.5" x 13.5"]

Ok now I’m confused

Specs show :30" x 25.5" x 13.5"

Heh, I actually bought one of these for my wife a few months ago. I paid a lot more than what Woot is charging, too :frowning:

The flame effect looks pretty, and it can warm up a midsize room (like 14x14) on it’s own.

The only issue I have with it is the remote control. The batteries have a bad habit of falling out of it unless you put a nickel in the space between the batteries and the battery door.

It says “•Programmable temperature and timer feature”. I wonder if it has low, med, high settings as well. If not, when you’re running this thing, you’re using 1500 watts of electricity. That’s the same as having thirty 50-watt bulbs burning in your house. It would probably be cheaper to just raise your thermostat up in the whole house if you’re using natural gas and have an efficient furnace.

I"m guessing this is electric? I’m looking for a gas powered stove setup.

our living room is 16x16 (lowest temp we have used it was outside 34-texas) then we have a half wall and the heater makes those others comfy, too.

Can I use the flame display without the heat? I’d like to ‘kindle’ romance in the summer too!

Unfortunately, there is not going to be a heating equivalent of the LED bulb.

Heating uses all kinds of energy. Your furnace uses TWO kinds of energy: gas/oil AND power to run the furnace itself.

There is also local emissions to consider as well.

And that you can warm up one room with one device, as opposed to running a big motor in your basement that blows heat and dust all over you entire house.

So fill your house with LED lights as a trade-off to using this or any other source of heat.

the actual insert is the smaller size. the bigger size is the wood around it.

We have one of these, and it does work well. We just don’t use it as often as we thought. It is nice since you can move it anywhere, so I make sure it’s on the DW’s side of the bed since she’s always cold!

This will do what any other 1500 Watt heater will do. Do you like the cabinet and flames? Get it then. I have a different model, same company, that is 1500 W. It works great to warm up a 26 X 26 area a few degrees on a cold morning. No need to heat up the entire house for me. You could program it to go on an hour before you wake up and be nice and toasty with your morning coffee.

The fan noise could be a problem in a bedroom.

Does it work with an extension cord?

Not a dollar store one. If at all, you need a heavy duty one rated for the draw of the heater. Get the right tool for the job!

“Its infrared technology effectively uses less energy to produce heat from floor to ceiling”

Now, why do you want to heat your ceiling? There is no way this is more efficient at making heat than any other electrical heater. A heat pump on the other hand can be much more efficient at heating your house. Gas, wood or oil would also be a lot cheaper.

When the cost of propane spiked last year, we got three infrared heaters to supplement until propane came down. One was this gem. The three heaters together raised our electric bill about $60 a month. Propane is back to normal, but I have this heater running now. It really is economical. I’m not easy to please but I’d buy this again without reservation.

"Plus, it’s beautiful, realistic flames can be used without heat."