LifePro Infrared Mini Fireplace



LifePro Infrared Mini Fireplace
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LifePro Infrared Fireplace Line


It’s only ten inches tall . . .


Maybe it’s designed to wear it on your belt?


I just noticed that myself; you could actually put it on a fireplace mantel! Can those dimensions be correct?


750 watts… you might heat a portajohn… if its well insulated.


A cubicle sized fake fireplace seems perfect for my office, which is cold as a meat locker no matter the season.


“No venting required” - What a relief! I thought i was going to have to install a soda straw sized chimney.


At 750 Watts the room would have to be small for this to work. I got a ceramic heater for my bedroom that has two settings, 900/1500 watts. On really cold nights I need the 1500 watts setting.


I wonder if this would work fine for a small trailer.


Size is correct,it is 10 inches tall. Good for a small room/area to heat


How long is the cord?


I sure missed it on the company website. Do I assume no fan or thermostatic control?


My memory is telling me it is about 6’ long. This item is currently not sold by others but after checking other lifesmart product specs online my memory is being confirmed as all products from this manufacturer are showing up with 6’ cords.


Confirmed no fan or thermostat. It has a 3 position switch on the rear. Off , lights on only, and lights and heat on.


What is this, a fireplace for ants?


Beat me to it by a few seconds