LifePro S-2PC-1000B Infrared Heater

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LifePro S-2PC-1000B Infrared Heater
Price: $49.99
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Comments from a previous sale

I actually just used this little guy while staying with my parents for a few days in FRIGID Michigan. It kept the 12’X15’-ish room nice and cozy. It hardly makes any noise, and my mom pointed out that the dogs can’t get burned on it, which is a definitely preferable.

Hard to tell from the picture but this heater is around the size of the average floor tile,i.e. one square foot.

Thinking about biting on this, but we had an Oreck that was similar and I just found out that the entire backside of it got so hot that it melted out of shape so we are tossing it.

Bought one of these end of last year and its been great for the 12 x 14 bedroom when it now lives.

We bought one for our camper. Does a great job keeping it warm and saving on propane. It’s very quiet and the digital temperature feature is awesom .