Lifeproof & Otterbox Cellphone Cases

I have this case on my SIII and it is by far the BEST case I have had in the 2 1/2 years I’ve had this phone.
standard screen cover simplicity (Fre version has a built-in cover that I didn’t like), waterproof, and slimmer than the Fre case too!
This is a good price as well. I had a problem with one (charge door broke) and without much hassle there was a new one on my doorstep days later. great customer service.

This looks like the defender case…??

The title says its waterproof yet under description it says the case if not waterproof??? What does it mean…
Taking about electric orange, otter box shock prof, water proof iphone 5 case.

It’s waterproof as noted in the features, copied below. It just says it’s not waterproof when the charging or headphone ports are used. You’re basically opening the hatch when using those.

The Armor Series case has been tested to perform at these parameters, but results may vary:

6.6 ft. underwater for 30 minutes (when charging port or headphone jack are in use, the case is not waterproof)
10 ft. drop
0 entry of dust and debris
2 tons of crushing force

Still no iPhone 5C cases? :’(