Lifeproof & Otterbox Cellphone Cases

From some Amazon reviews, these work with iPhone 5c/5s but with without fingerprint functionality. They are available for $22.99 prime — it looks like they will stay there from the history if you want to think about it a few days — with additional colors available.

Amazon price history:

If you want be able to throw your phone off a cliff or go swimming with it and have your phone survive this is a great case.

If you want to be able to talk on your phone your wasting your money.

I agree with the previous comment about talking on the phone. The case muffles your voice. It is frustrating and the makers know about the problem. I hear that the newer models may have a fix built into them. Otherwise this is a great price. Selling on ebay for 15.99 and free shipping if you need to compare.