Lifesmart 1,800 Sq Ft Heater

**Item: **Lifesmart 1,800 Sq Ft Heater
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I’ve learned nothing…well maybe that they are kinda near woot! HQ

BEWARE!!! I recently purchased the 1500 sq ft version of this product, and it is the most disappointing woot purchase I have ever made! I did not see anything in the specs that indicated the necessity of having a dedicated power supply solely for the operation of the unit… How many people have an extra breaker that has only one plug that is available to run only this item? I certainly don’t, and I cannot find anyone who does. I am now stuck with a $75 box of uselessness! :frowning:

What they are trying to tell you is that if you run the heater on a circuit with other running devices, it is highly likely you will trip the breaker. Every manufacturer of a resistance heater could/should have this warning and they don’t. You want to plug it in to a circuit that is quiet. If you plug it in and turn it on and then proceed to run a vacuum cleaner on the same line, start walking to the basement to reset the breaker. I have one of these. For supplemental heat it works fine.

OK I may be dumb here but 1800 square feet heated by this? My entire house is less than that. With rooms and walls. I can’t see how this would heat my entire house with doors and walls in the way. Must be intended for one big open room for people who live in mansions or something. Or a giant garage… LOL

1500 watts = 5118 BTU regardless how you inject it into a space. Energy is energy. A human standing around = about 400 BTU in a room. So 12 people standing around in your house when its 10 degrees outside will not heat your house. 5118 BTU will heat one room about 12x12 or keep half a typical house 70 if the outside temp never gets below 60.

Pardon me, but I suggest you reset your brain back to before you opened the box or even earlier, like when you purchased the heater. Space heaters that use 1500 watts have to get the power from the wall outlet. The typical home circuit breaker for a room is 1500 watts. You should know that. Everybody should know that. You can only plug in 1500 watts of stuff into one circuit. You have a panel of circuit breakers somewhere in your residence that is connected to the 220v main. Ideally you should be familiar with that panel and the individual breakers should be labeled according to which rooms or appliances they supply.

Anyway the only fault here is your own for being ignorant about how your home is powered by electricity. Any 1500 watt appliance of any kind plugged into a wall outlet will preclude using any other electrical device on that circuit.

I will give you $45.95 for it and $10 extra if you ship it. VERN

lol you must be new here.

The 1800 sq. ft. spec is just a number they use for the maximum output of the unit. You can use it for less if you want to. Like having a 300HP car. You don’t have to floor the gas pedal every time you drive.

Warm air will replace cold air by convection. So yes, you could in fact heat an 1800 sq. ft. house with this heater, if you left all the doors open and waited long enough. It would take a really long time though.

1800 sqft would never get heated by one 1500 watt heater. not to any degree noticable anyways.
but if you want to try it out buy it here. It would be returnable if it didn’t work as it’s being misrepresented on here.

If it’s not Amish it’s craaap!

Every time these heaters are posted, someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about says that.

There are different types of heat transfer, they work differently. That’s why a hot water boiler is more efficient than a forced air furnace - convective heat is less efficient than radiant.

I have one like this and use it to heat the main part of my house since my living room, kitchen, dining room, and den are all open to each other. They aren’t huge spaces. My total house square footage is 1920 with three bedrooms, two baths, and an office. I don’t expect it to heat me nice and toasty, but it does keep the main furnace from running all the time, which costs way more to run. I live in the deep south of Georgia, so our winters are mild, especially last year where it didn’t get cold enough to kill the mosquitos. I pray this year it will. The Farmer’s Almanac says it will be a hard winter, so here is to a good, cold winter down here.

I picked up this the last Woot go around and I’m petty happy with it. We have an addition thats in the process of completion, its a cathedral ceiling and its 16x30. Now the lowest temp its been is around 40F, but I put it on 73F and it noticeable warmed up the room. I’m not sure it will make it toasty on a windy 10F day, but it will help. Knowing the amperage of the drain, 12.5A, putting it on a 15A breaker with pretty much anything else except maybe a light will blow the breaker.